Cozze Thrills, Sheppard Chills as New Egypt Champ

Date: 9/4/2007 9:50:10 AM

Cozze Thrills, Sheppard Chills as New Egypt Champ

New Egypt, NJ (September 1, 2007) -  Frank Cozze of Wind Gap, PA
drove to his fourth victory of the year Saturday night at New Egypt
Speedway with an impressive run in the Modified Championship 35 lap
feature. Runner up Matt Sheppard chased Cozze across the line, thus
locking up his first ever big-block Modified point title. Cozze, who
took the lead on lap 4, pocketed $3000 for his efforts on Reed Sod
Farms Wing Night.

"This track is the best," stated a triumphant Cozze in victory lane,
"I have been to a lot of other tracks, and no other place compares.
When it is racy like tonight, It is a lot of fun to race on."

Champion Sheppard was happy that it was finally over as he chilled
out in victory lane after the event. "I want to thank my entire team
and I want to congratulate Ryan Godown on a great battle this
season," stated Sheppard, "It seemed that most of the time it came
down to which one of us could get to the front first, and tonight I
was able to accomplish that."

Rich Rutski quickly grabbed the lead from the front row at the outset
of the double point event, only to find Cozze right behind him.
Rutski held him back till lap 4 when Cozze powered by for the top
spot. Cozze immediately began to open up a sizeable advantage over
the field as 11th starting Tim Tanner Jr. charged into second. With a
caution closing the field back up, Tanner took advantage as he kept
pace with Cozze on the restart leaving the rest of the field behind.
Tanner's strong run ended near halfway when his mount dropped some
fluid on the track and he pulled in to the pits ending his run. The
ensuing restart found two time NES champ Jimmy Horton and former
champ Keith Hoffman next in line to challenge. However, Cozze was up
to this, as he continued to set the pace. With 15 to go, Sheppard
entered the picture and battled hard with Horton for the second
position. Sheppard grabbed second and the top three of Cozze,
Sheppard and Horton pulled away from the rest of the field. Sheppard
made it close over the final five laps, but Cozze proved to be too
much on this night as he took the checkered 4 car lengths ahead of
the champion. Sheppard took home second place money which was good
enough to win the 2007 NES DIRTcar Modified track title. Jimmy Horton
turned his recent luck around by finishing a close third.  Keith
Hoffman was fourth, while championship challenger Ryan Godown took

The 25 lap URC Sprint Car tour event saw Pedricktown, NJ's J.J.
Grasso win his first career URC sprint race. Grasso set a blistering
pace all night as he took top honors in his heat race turning a
couple of laps that were just 7/100 of a second off the track record,
and then leading every lap of the feature to record his first
victory. Grasso used the extreme outside groove up against the fence
in the feature to secure the win. Michael Carber, who has won the
last two URC events here at NES, rallied back in the final stages to
claim second, followed by Mark Bitner in third. 410 Sprint standout
Lucas Wolfe came from 14th to finish in the fourth spot, with ageless
Kramer Williamson completing a strong run in fifth.

The 20 lap Sportsman feature was taken by veteran Willie Osmun of
Bloomsbury NJ as he powered by Clay Butler with just 3 laps to go to
take the victory. Butler ended his impressive run with a strong
second place finish, followed by Steve Schmidt, John Stangle and Chad

Bryan Reed of Howell, NJ won the 25 lap Super Stock event as he
reclaimed the lead from Al Cheney in the last 9 laps to post his
second win of the year. Al Cheney crossed the line on Reed's bumper
to finish second, while Bob Vaccaro finished third. Jason Bubeck and
Billy Bauer rounded out the top five.    

Next Saturday night, September 8th, the DIRTcar Big-Block Modifieds
will headline the card which will also feature the Sportsman, Super
Stocks, Crate 1 Sportsman and Outlaw Stocks.  Gates will open at 2pm
with the first race at 6pm. For more information, call the speedway
office at (609) 758-1900 or log on to

1st Heat: 1. Matt Sheppard 2. Pat Wall 3. Tad Cox 4. Carmine Infante
5. Jim Robertson 6. Rich Rutski
2nd Heat: 1. Frank Cozze 2. Keith Hoffman 3. Brian Godown 4. Ron John
Koczon 5. Sam Martz 6. Bucky Kell
3rd Heat: 1. Tom Carberry 2. Rick Holsten 3. Tim Tanner Jr. 4. Ryan
Godown 5. Jimmy Horton 6. John Keller
B Main:  1. Bob Drayton 2. Art Lentini 3. Keith Fleming 4. Matt
Papiez 5. J.T. Trstensky 6. Korey Keimig
Feature (35 laps): 1. Frank Cozze 2. Matt Sheppard 3. Jimmy Horton 4.
Keith Hoffman 5. Ryan Godown 6. Tad Cox 7. Sam Martz 8. Rich Rutski
9. Ron Jon Koczon 10. Bob Drayton 11. Brian Godown 12. Carmine
Infante 13. Kory Keimig 14. John Keller 15. Art Lentini 16. Matt
Papiez 17. Keith Fleming 18. Pat Wall 19. Bucky Kell 20. Tim Tanner
Jr. 21. Tom Carberry 22. Rich Holsten 23. J.T. Trstensky 24. Jim
DNQ: Steve Haggan, Randy Laird, Chris Grbac, Dennis Halas, Dominick

1st Heat: 1. Steve Schnidt 2. John Strangle 3. Rocco Infante 4. Clay
Butler 5. Glen Hiskko
2nd Heat: 1. Tim Apgar 2. John Romano Jr. 3. Brad Freeman 4. Chris
Lane 5. Glenn Pyatt  
3rd Heat: 1. Willie Osmun 2. Richie Cass 3. Gene Stravinsky 4. Chad
Barney 5. John Salvatore Jr.  
4th Heat: 1. Justin Hoffman 2. Rich Scagliotta 3. Jack Swain 4. Mike
Krachun 5. Alan Bleacher  
1st B Main: 1. Art Liedl 2. Dave Hunt 3. Barry Christ
2nd B Main: 1. Mike Howardson 2. John McClelland 3. Ben Donaruma
(Pts. Prov: Tommy Carberry Jr.)
Feature (20 Laps): . 1. Willie Osmun 2. Clay Butler 3. Steve Schmidt
4. John Stangle 5. Chad Barney 6. Tim Apgar 7. Mike Krachun 8. Glenn
Pyatt 9. John Romano Jr. 10. Brad Freeman 11. Mike Howardson 12.
Glenn Hisko 13. Rocco Infante 14. Chris Lane 15. Gene Stravinsky 16.
Tommy Carberry Jr. 17. Rich Scagliotta 18. Justin Hoffman 19. Bob
Dmuchowski 20. Jack Swain 21. John McClelland 22. John Salvatore Jr.
23. Richie Cass Sr. 24. Alan Bleacher 25. Art Liedl 26. Dave Hunt 27.
Ben Donaruma 28. Barry Christ
DNQ:. Lou Farina III, Joe Baumann,  Wayne Bechtel, Joe Systo, Donnie
Kline, Kenny Huchko, Marc Herman, Everett Taylor, Robin McTighe.

Feature (25 Laps): 1. Bryan Reed 2. Al Cheney 3. Bob Vaccaro 4. Jason
Bubeck 5. Billy Bauer 6. Steve Davis 7. George Quinlan 8. Ron Coverly
9. Don Shipley 10. Kory Fleming 11. Bill Liedtka 12. Pete Fogarty 13.
Al Burdge 14. Matt Kall 15. George Marrero 16. Tony Giglio 17. Kevin
Bifulco 18. Todd Cray 19. Mick Search 20. Norm Saxton 21. Anthony
Bozowski 22. Jerry Confer Jr.

1st Heat: 1. J.J. Grasso 2. Mike Haggenbottom 3. Jason Clauss 4.
Randy West 5. Mares Stellfox 6. Jamie Bodo
2nd Heat: 1. Becca Anderson 2. Mark Bitner 3. Joey Biasi 4. Chris
Coyle 5. Lucas Wolfe 6. Ed Aikin
3rd Heat: 1. Kramer Williamson 2. Michael Carber 3. Curt Michael 4.
Scott Pursell 5. Brook Weibley 6. Art Liedl
B Main: 1. Jimmy Stitzel 2. Davey Sammons 3. Robbie Stillwaggon 4.
Kevin Welsh 5. Jeff Davis 6. Ian Borden  (Prov: Andy Hannula)
Feature (25 Laps): 1. JJ Grasso 2. Michael Carber 3.Mark Bitner 4.
Lucas Wolfe 5. Kramer Williamson 6. Mike Haggenbottom 7. Jason Clauss
8. Brook Weibley 9. Ed Aikin 10. Chris Coyle 11. Curt Michael 12.
Jimmy Stitzel 13. Becca Anderson 14. Randy West 15. Kevin Welsh 16.
Scott Pursell 17. Davey Sammons 18. Art Liedl 19. Jamie Bodo 20.
Robbie Stillwagon 21. Andy Hannula 22. Jeff Davis 23. Ian Borden 24.
Joey Biasi 25. Mares Stellfox
DNQ: . Trevor Lewis, Dave Ely, Kyle Purks, Brian Seidel, Joe Zuczek

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