Robertson Lives the Dream at New Egypt

Date: 9/16/2007 7:43:33 AM

Robertson Lives the Dream at New Egypt  

New Egypt, NJ (September 15, 2007) - Jim Robertson of Levittown, PA
lived out his lifelong dream on Saturday night as he held off some of
the best in the business to win his first ever big-block Modified
event at New Egypt Speedway. In only his second full year of Modified
competition, Robertson withstood every challenge like a seasoned
veteran to collect the $3000 top prize in the Cray Electric sponsored
30 lap feature.

"This is a dream come true!" exclaimed Robertson in victory lane, "I
saw Horton there in the late going and knew I was going to have to
work hard. I get my number (85) from watching Jimmy Horton as a kid
and I always dreamed of racing against the best, and now I have won a
feature against them. This is absolutely unbelievable."

Tim Tanner Jr., who has appeared to be on the verge of winning almost
every week for the last month, drew the pole position and grabbed the
early race lead with fourth place starter Robertson in tow. After
several early cautions slowed the event, Tanner finally took control
and lead the first seven laps. Robertson then used an inside move to
grab the lead in turn one. With no yellows to slow the pace,
Robertson lead the field into lapped traffic in what was shaping up
to be one of the most exciting races at NES this season. The top 8
cars ran nose to tail all with positions being traded back and forth
behind Robertson until halfway. At this point, Robertson lead Sam
Martz and Ryan Godown as these three raced away from the rest of the
field. Martz got along side of Robertson several times but could not
wrestle the lead away. All eyes quickly turned to Jimmy Horton, who
after fading back as far as eighth in the early going was back into
fourth and running down the leaders. Horton caught the top three with
8 laps remaining and quickly flew into the runner up slot. He applied
heavy pressure to the leader and with just four laps to go he managed
to slip by Robertson for the lead only to have the first caution
since lap 1 erase the move. One chance was apparently all Robertson
was going to give his childhood hero as raced fast and smooth over
the final 4 laps to capture his first ever victory at NES in any
division. Ryan Godown took second from Horton on the final lap, while
Martz held on for fourth and Frank Cozze cruised home in fifth.

Sportsman point leader Willie Osmun of Bloomsbury, NJ won his fifth
feature event of the season as he passed race long leader Lou Farina
with just three laps remaining for the victory. Last week's winner
Rocco Infante settled for second this week, followed by Gene
Stravinsky, John Salvatore, Jr. and John Romano, Jr. Osmun was also
the big winner in the Cray Electric Sportsman Winner's Challenge.
Osmun won the final three 1 lap match races to take home $400 of the
$1000 paid out to seven different drivers.

Todd Cray of Trenton, NJ won the 25 lap Super Stock event for the
second week in a row. Cray used a last lap final turn pass to take
his 4th win of the season. Al Cheney finished second, Mick Search was
third after charging back from an early race spin, Bryan reed drove
home fourth and Bob Vaccaro rounded out the top five.  

The Outlaw Stock 10 lap feature went to Gary Klimeczak for the 7th
time this season. Klimeczak took the lead on lap two and was never
headed. Rob Longo finished second while Goop Mondelli drove from last
to finish an impressive third. The Crate 1 Sportsman 12 lap event
went to Richie Cass. George Idell Jr. put in a strong performance to
finish second while Dave Gorbatuk finished in the third position.

In an excellent gesture Liz Idell and the Megill family held a
Chinese auction during the evening to benefit breast cancer research
and raised $946 for the charity.

Next Saturday night, September 22nd, C&S Equipment will present
"Championship Night"  at New Egypt Speedway. DIRTcar Big-Block
Modifieds will compete for $3000 to win their 30 lap event, while the
2007 champions will be crowned in all of our other divisions as the
Sportsman, Super Stocks, SS Sprints, Crate 1 Sportsman and Outlaw
Stocks will all be racing for double points. Adult admission will be
$16, Children 7-12 will be $5.50 and all kids 6 and under are always
free at NES. Gates will open at 4pm with the first race at 6pm. For
more information, call the speedway office at (609) 758-1900 or log
on to

1st Heat: 1. Ron John Koczon 2. Jimmy Horton 3. Dominick Buffalino 4.
Pat Wall 5. Bucky Kell 6. Rich Rutski
2nd Heat: 1. Sam Martz 2. Frank Cozze 3. Tim Tanner Jr. 4. Jim
Robertson 5. John Miloszar 6. Tommy Meier
3rd Heat: 1. Tad Cox 2. Ryan Godown 3. John Keller 4. Keith Hoffman
5. Carmine Infante 6. Keith Fleming
Feature (30 laps): 1. Jim Robertson 2. Ryan Godown 3. Jimmy Horton 4.
Sam Martz 5. Frank Cozze 6. Tim Tanner Jr. 7. Ron John Koczon 8.
Keith Hoffman 9. Carmine Infante 10. Tad Cox 11. Rich Rutski 12. Pat
Wall 13. John Keller 14. Tommy Meier 15. Randy Laird 16. Dominick
Buffalino 17. Bucky Kell 18. Mike Krachun 19. Keith Fleming 20. Steve
Haggan 21. John Miloszar 22. Korey Keimig 23. J.T.Trstensky 24. Jim

1st Heat: 1. Art Liedl 2. Lou Farina III 3. Tim Apgar 4. Willie Osmun
5. Marc Herman
2nd Heat: 1. John Salvatore Jr. 2. John Romano Jr. 3. Kenny Huchko 4.
Glenn Pyatt 5. Tommy Carberry Jr.
3rd Heat: 1. Steve Schmidt 2. John McClelland 3. Rocco Infante 4.
Mike Howardson 5. Alan Bleacher
4th Heat: 1. Rich Scagliotta 2. Gene Stravinsky 3. Dave Hunt 4. Clay
Butler 5. Richie Cass Sr.
1st B Main: 1. Steve Davis 2. Bobby Butler 3. Barry Christ
2nd B Main: 1. Jack Swain 2. Brad Freeman 3. Chris Lane (Pts. Prov:
Mike Krachun)
Feature (20 Laps): 1. Willie Osmun 2. Rocco Infante 3. Gene
Stravinsky 4. John Salvatore Jr. 5. John Romano Jr. 6. Tim Apgar 7.
Rich Scagliotta 8. John McClelland 9. Mike Howardson 10. Mike Krachun
11. Steve Schmidt 12. Dave Hunt 13. Bobby Butler 14. Chris Lane 15.
Steve Davis 16. Marc Herman 17. Brad Freeman 18. Clay Butler 19.
Richie Cass 20. Barry Christ 21. Alan Bleacher 22. Lou Farina III 23.
Art Liedl 24. Jack Swain 25. Kenny Huchko 26. Glenn Pyatt 27. Tommy
Carberry Jr.
DNQ:.Donnie Kline, Justin Hoffman, Wayne Bechtel, Everett Taylor, Joe
Systo, Ebby Ridge, Bryan Papiez, Chad Barney, Will Dupree, Jeff
Marcucci, John Bohadel, George Gareis, George Idell Jr, Glenn Hisko,
E.J. Harrington, Dave Gorbatuk

Feature (25 Laps): 1. Todd Cray 2. Al Cheney 3. Mick Search 4. Bryan
Reed 5. Bob Vaccaro 6. Billy Bauer 7. Kory Fleming 8. Jason Bubeck 9.
George Quinlan 10. Ron Coverly 11. Al Burdge 12. Tony Giglio 13.
Charlie Gunner 14. George Marrero Jr. 15. Steve Davis 16. Tony
Bozowski 17. Pete Fogarty 18. Matt Kall 19. Bill Liedtka 20. Kevin
Bifulco 21. Don Shipley

Feature (12 Laps): 1. Richie Cass Sr. 2. George Idell Jr. 3. Dave
Gorbatuk 4. E.J. Harrington 5. Scott Cranstoun 6. Bryan Papiez 7.
Danny Dorf 8. Pat Hires

Feature (10 Laps):  1. Gary Klimeczak 2. Rob Longo 3. Goop Mondelli
4. Chris Felber 5. Rick Latza 6. Spider Ensinger Sr. 7. Brian Ludwig
8. Doug Debray 9. Billy Wroble

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