Cozze Cashes In at New Egypt

Date: 9/23/2007 6:38:09 AM

Cozze Cashes In at New Egypt

New Egypt, NJ (September 22, 2007) - Frank Cozze of Wind Gap, PA
captured his fifth main event of the season on Saturday night at New
Egypt Speedway as he won the Big Block Modified 30 lap DIRTcar
Modified feature. Cozze cashed in for a $3000 payday as he went wire
to wire to post his 22nd career victory at NES.

"We were lucky enough to draw the pole" stated Cozze in the winner's
circle, "We have lost numerous times from the pole, so there are no
guarantees, but tonight it was our turn."

Cozze, who won the last point show back on September 1st, drew the #1
pill and lead the field to starter Warren Alston's green flag. Cozze
looked strong from the start, and he left no doubt in anyone's mind
that he was the man to beat on this night. Keith Hoffman tried to
stay with Cozze during the first 10 laps, but was unable to challenge
before a mechanical failure brought an end to his night. Sam Martz
and Bob Drayton then took up the chase but they were no match for the
stout #44 of Cozze. Ryan Godown then entered the scene with 12 laps
to go, and although he was able to keep Cozze in view, he was unable
to mount any kind of a challenge in the late stages, even thru two
late race restarts. It was all Cozze on this night as he cruised
under the checkered flags for his fifth win of the season. Godown ran
a strong second while invader Jeff Strunk came to life late to finish
third. Drayton raced home in the fourth position, while Ron John
Koczon finished a solid fifth.

The 25 lap Sportsman season finale was won by Glenn Hisko of
Bridgewater, NJ. Hisko put it all together on this night holding off
a fast John Romano, Jr. to collect his first victory of the season.
Early race leader Lou Farina put in an excellent effort finishing
third, followed by Dave Hunt and Mike Howardson. Willie Osmun of
Bloomsbury, NJ finished sixth to claim his first ever NES track

Matt Kall of Lambertville, NJ won his first ever feature in the 25
lap Super Stock event holding off many challenges from numerous
drivers throughout the event. Mick Search finished right on Kall's
bumper to take second, with Kory Fleming posting a solid third. Steve
Davis and former champ Billy Bauer rounded out the top five. George
Quinlan rebounded from last year to become the 2007 Super Stock

The 20 lap feature for the Lucas Ford SS Sprints saw another first
time winner as Rich Janney of Halifax, PA captured his first feature
of his career. Five time winner Ken Carberry finished a close second,
followed by early leader Dave Martin, Tom Wyckoff, and Art Liedl. By
virtue of his fifth place finish, Art Liedl claimed the 2007 SS
Sprint track championship, his fourth in a row.    

The Outlaw Stock 12 lap feature went to Brian Ludwig for the fourth
time this season, chased by 7 time winner Gary Klimeczak and Rob
Longo across the line. Klimeczak became the first ever Outlaw Stock
Champion at NES. This was true in the Crate 1 Sportsman race also, as
E.J. Harrington not only won the 12 lap event, but was crowned the
first ever Crate 1 Sportsman champion at the speedway. Scott
Cranstoun and Richie Cass, Sr. finished in second and third

The Run What You Brung show scheduled for next Saturday night,
September 29th, has been cancelled.  The next events at New Egypt
Speedway will be held on the weekend of October 12th- 14th. On Friday
the 12th, 358 Modifieds will compete in the "Sock Hop" 40 lapper
paying $4000 to win. Any carburetion 358 C.I. engine legal at your
home track will be allowed along with any 92 inch spec. tire. Outlaw
Stocks, SS Sprints and Crate 1 Sportsman will also be competing with
racing action getting underway at 7pm.

On Saturday Oct. 13th the Advance Auto Parts Super DIRT Series comes
to town with the "Guitar Jammin" Twin 50 lap features paying $3000 to
win each one. As if this wasn't enough, the always exciting URC
Sprint Tour will make it's fifth and final appearance of the season
at NES on this evening, along with the Super Stocks. Racing will get
start at 6pm.

Sunday Oct. 14th, Super Late Models will make their popular return to
the Garden State for the "Rock & Roll 40" paying $5000 to win.
Sportsman will be on hand to compete in the "Rock & Roll 25" paying a
cool $1200 for first, and the 600cc Micro Sprints will also be racing
for $500 to win. Action begins at 4pm on this date.

For complete rules or ticket information, call the speedway office at
(609) 758-1900 or log on to

1st Heat: 1. Keith Hoffman 2. Jeff Strunk 3. Tad Cox 4. Ryan Godown
5. Tim Tanner Jr. 6. Bobby Butler
2nd Heat: 1. Frank Cozze 2. Ron John Koczon 3. Jim Robertson 4. John
Keller 5. Carmine Infante 6. Chris Whitehead
3rd Heat: 1. Keith Fleming 2. John Miloszar 3. Sam Martz 4. Bob
Drayton 5. Rich Rutski 6. Tommy Meier
Feature (30 laps): 1. Frank Cozze 2. Ryan Godown 3. Jeff Strunk 4.
Bob Drayton 5. Ron John Koczon 6. Tim Tanner Jr. 7. Sam Martz 8. Rich
Rutski 9. Carmine Infante 10. Tad Cox 11. Tommy Meier 12. Chris
Whitehead 13. John Keller 14. Donnie Kline 15. Rick Wegner 16. Keith
Hoffman 17. John Miloszar 18. Bobby Butler 19. Keith Fleming 20. Jim
Robertson 21. Mike McAleer 22. Danny Bouc DNS: Chris Grbac

1st Heat: 1. Marc Herman 2. Kenny Huchko 3. John McClelland 4. Willie
Osmun 5. Glenn Pyatt
2nd Heat: 1. Lou Farina III 2. Rich Scagliotta 3. Tommy Carberry Jr.
4. Mike Howardson 5. John Salvatore Jr.
3rd Heat: 1. Art Liedl 2. Dave Hunt 3. John Romano Jr. 4. Jack Swain
5. Chad Barney
4th Heat: 1. Glenn Hisko 2. Brad Freeman 3. Tim Apgar 4. Rocco
Infante 5. John Haegle
1st B Main: 1. Gene Stravinsky 2. Steve Schmidt 3. Steve Ramsey
2nd B Main: 1. Gary Butler 2. Mike Krachun 3. Billy Tanner IV
Feature (25 Laps): 1. Glenn Hisko 2. John Romano Jr. 3. Lou Farina
III 4. Dave Hunt 5. Mike Howardson 6. Willie Osmun 7. Glenn Pyatt 8.
Mike Krachun 9. Jack Swain 10. Steve Schmidt 11. Brad Freeman 12.
Marc Herman 13. John McClelland 14. Gene Stravinsky 15. John
Salvatore Jr. 16. Art Liedl 17. Chad Barney 18. Tim Apgar 19. Steve
Ramsey 20. Billy Tanner IV 21. John Haegle 22. Tommy Carberry Jr. 23.
Rich Scagliotta 24. Gary Butler 25. Rocco Infante 26. Kenny Huchko  
DNQ:. Ebby Ridge, Clay Butler, Chris Lane, George Idell Jr., Rob
Stump, John Bohadel, Jason Dunn, Will Dupree, Alan Bleacher, Dave
Gorbatuk, Bryan Papiez, Wayne Bechtel, E.J. Harrington, Garry
Forsythe, George Gareis, Everett Taylor

Feature (25 Laps): 1. Matt Kall 2. Mick Search 3. Kory Fleming 4.
Steve Davis 5. Billy Bauer 6. Jason Bubeck 7. Bob Vaccaro 8. Bill
Liedtka 9. Tony Giglio 10. George Quinlan 11. George Marrero 12. Joe
Mongeau 13. Pete Fogarty 14. Ron Coverly 15. Charlie Gunner 16. Jim
Hewitt 17. Al Burdge 18. Don Shipley 19. Anthony Bozowski 20. Al
Cheney 21. Bryan Reed 22. Tom Serinese 23. Jerry Confer DNS: Dennis

1st Heat: 1. Ken Carberry 2. Rich Janney 3. Bryan Kuhl 4. Ian Borden
5. Dale Gardner 6. Robert Liedl
2nd Heat: 1. Dave Martin 2. Dan Biggs 3. Tom Wyckoff 4. Art Liedl 5.
Lee Taylor Jr. 6. Rick Cozze
Feature (20 Laps): 1. Rich Janney 2. Ken Carberry 3. Dave Martin 4.
Tom Wyckoff 5. Art Liedl 6. John Romano 7. Dan Biggs 8. Robert Liedl
9. John Snook 10. Ian Borden 11. Rick Cozze 12. Nick Bardsley Jr. 13.
Dale Gardner 14. Ryan Miscoski 15. John Stehman 16. Glenn Sinibaldi
17. Dan Wall 18. Bryan Kuhl 19. Lee Taylor Jr.

Feature (12 Laps): 1. E.J. Harrington 2. Scott Cranstoun 3. Richie
Cass Sr. 4. Dave Gorbatuk 5. Brian Papiez 6. George Idell Jr. 7. Dan
Stout 8. John Haegle 9. Pat Hires

Feature (12 Laps):  1. Brian Ludwig 2. Gary Klimeczak 3. Rob Longo 4.
Doug Debray 5. Chris Felber 6. Spider Ensinger Sr. 7. Pat Hires 8.
Frank Deontremont 9. Goop Mondelli 10. Dick Robbins 11. Bill Wroble

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