Sheppard and Hoffman Split SDS Twin 50's at New Egypt Roctober Weekend

Date: 10/14/2007 4:35:04 AM

Sheppard and Hoffman Split SDS Twin 50's at New Egypt Roctober Weekend  

New Egypt, NJ (Oct. 13, 2007) -  Matt Sheppard of Waterloo, NY &
Keith Hoffman of Whitehall, PA scored victories on the Advance Aurto
Parts Super DIRTcar Series Saturday night splitting the Twin 50 lap
feature events at New Egypt Speedway. Each took home $3000 for their
efforts on day two of NES' Roctober at the Jersey Shore weekend.
Hoffman's win was the first tour race victory for him in his career
while Sheppard was the big winner of the night as he one the first
event and finished second to Hoffman in the nightcap.

The first 50 saw Matt Sheppard draw the pole and set a torrid pace
that no one could even come close to competing with. The event saw
the final 44 laps run non-stop, and that allowed Sheppard to run away
and hide as he won the race by almost 10 seconds for his 8th win of
the season at New Egypt. After a fierce 3 car battle Billy Decker
came home second with a hard charging Billy Pauch following up his
win on Friday night with a third place finish. Tour regular Gary
Tomkins drove a strong race finishing fourth followed by NES hot shoe
Sam Martz with an outstanding run in fifth.

The second 50 lap event found Keith Hoffman bringing the field to the
initial green, and Hoffman drove a very smooth and consistant race
leading all 50 laps. The win was not as easy as it sounded as he had
constant pressure from Rick Laubach for most of the event and then
had to survive a late race charge from seventh place starting
Sheppard to post his second NES win of the season. Laubach got his
best ever finish in a SDS tour event by finishing in third, while
Tomkins finished in fourth for the second time tonight. Tim Fuller
padded his SDS tour point lead by finishing in the fifth position.    

Heats for the 36 big-block Modifieds on hand went to Billy Pauch,
Matt Sheppard, Sam Martz and Keith Hoffman. Tad Cox and Jimmy Phelps
took top honors in the two consolations. Tim Fuller won the Integra
Shocks Fast Time award as he turned a lap of 17.349 during time

Ed Aiken of Lincoln University, PA won the 25 lap Bars Leaks URC
Sprint car feature event. For Aiken it was his second URC win of the
season, his first ever at New Egypt. Early race leader Brian Seidel
came home in the second position, while 2007 champ Curt Michael
charged thru the field to finish third. Chris Coyle was a strong
fourth while two time NES URC winner Michael Carber rounded out the
top five.  

In the 25 lap Super Stock feature Jeff Carpenter beat Al Cheney off
the final turn to post his first win since 1999. Carpenter and Cheney
traded the lead several times over the distance as the two of them
dominated the event. Bill Liedtka finished third, followed by Jason
Bubeck and Mick Search.

Tomorrow, Sunday, October 14th, the Roctober at the Jersey Shore
weekend will conclude with our finale featuring the Super Late Models
racing in a 40 lap championship event paying $5000 to win. Over 30
entries have already been received for this event. Sportsman (30 laps
- $1200 to win) and 600cc Micro Sprints (15 laps - $500 to win) will
join the Super's on the schedule along with an appearance of the
always popular Garden State Vintage Stock Car Club. Gates open at
1:00 p.m. Warmups will begin at 3:30 with racing getting underway at
4pm. Adult admission is $22, children 7-12 are $8.00, and kids 6 and
under are always free. Discounts are always offered to all members of
the military, students with ID & senior citizens 62 years old and

For more information, please call the speedway office at (609)
758-1900 or log on to our website at


Time Trials: Fast Time Award: Tim Fuller 17.349
1st Heat: 1. Billy Pauch 2. Bob Drayton 3. Dale Planck 4. Tim Fuller
5. Rich Rutski
2nd Heat: 1. Matt Sheppard 2. Ryan Godown 3. Rick Laubach 4. Chuck
Bower 5. Rich Scagliotta
3rd Heat: 1. Sam Martz 2. Gary Tomkins 3. Billy Decker 4. Brett Hearn
5. Jimmy Horton
4th Heat: 1. Keith Hoffman 2. Ron John Koczon 3. Frank Cozze 4. Steve
Paine 5. Mark Forte Jr.
1st B Main:  1. Tad Cox 2. Brian Godown 3. Ryan Phelps 4. Ryan Odasz
5. Billy Dunn
2nd B Main:  1. Jimmy Phelps 2. Vic Coffey 3. Gene Stravinksy 4. John
Keller 5. Kenny Stafford
DNQ: Rick Wegner, Pat Wall, Bud Schweibinz, Jimmy Horton IV, Tommy
Carberry Jr.
Feature 1 (50 laps): 1. Matt Sheppard 2. Billy Decker 3. Billy Pauch
4. Gary Tomkins 5. Sam Martz 6. Rick Laubach 7. Keith Hoffman 8. Ryan
Godown 9. Tim Fuller 10. Dale Planck 11. Brett Hearn 12. Jimmy Phelps
13. Frank Cozze 14. Bob Drayton 15. Steve Paine 16. Ron John Koczon
17. Tad Cox 18. Vic Coffey 19. Ryan Phelps 20. Brian Godown  21.
Billy Dunn 22. Rich Scagliotta 23. Rich Rutski 24. Kenny Stafford 25.
Gene Stravinsky 26. John Keller 27. Mark Forte Jr. 28. Jimmy Horton
29. Ryan Odasz 30. Chuck Bower
Feature 2 (50 laps): 1. Keith Hoffman 2. Matt Sheppard 3. Rick
Laubach 4. Gary Tomkins 5. Tim Fuller 6. Billy Decker 7. Jimmy Phelps
8. Brett Hearn 9. Bob Drayton 10. Brian Godown 11. Ron John Koczon
12. Steve Paine 13. Ryan Phelps 14. Rich Scagliotta 15. Billy Dunn
16. Mark Forte Jr. 17. Chuck Bower 18. John Keller 19. Jimmy Horton
20. Rich Rutski 21. Billy Pauch 22. Sam Martz 23. Gene Stravinsky 24.
Ryan Odasz 25. Dale Planck 26. Ryan Godown 27. Frank Cozze 28. Vic
Coffey 29. Tad Cox 30. Kenny Stafford

1st Heat: 1. Justin Collett 2. Davey Sammons 3. Mares Stellfox 4.
Joey Biasi 5. Michael Carber 6. Josh Weller
2nd Heat: 1. Brian Seldel 2. Ed Aikin 3. Gary Gollub 4. Curt Michael
5. Jason Clauss 6. Mark Bitner
3rd Heat: 1. Dave Ely 2. Randy West 3. Kyle Purks 4. Chris Coyle 5.
Kramer Williamson 6. Becca Anderson
B Main: 1. Mike Haggenbottom 2. Scott Pursell 3. J.J. Grasso 4. Jimmy
Stitzel 5. Robbie Stillwaggon 6. Kevin Welsh
DNQ: Jamie Bodo, Ian Borden, Tim Hogue, Adam Gordon
Feature (25 Laps): 1. Ed Aikin 2. Brian Seidel 3. Curt Michael 4.
Chris Coyle 5. Michael Carber 6. Becca Anderson 7. Joe Biasi 8. J.J.
Grasso 9. Kramer Williamson 10. Kevin Welsh 11. Mares Stellfox 12.
Justin Collett 13. Mark Bitner 14. Josh Weller 15. Scott Pursell 16.
Davey Sammons 17. Randy West 18. Mike Haggenbottom 19. Kyle Purks 20.
Robbie Stillwaggon 21. Ian Borden 22. Jason Clauss 23. Gary Gollub
24. Dave Ely 25. Jimmy Stitzel  

1st Heat: 1. Al Cheney 2. Mick Search 3. Pete Fogarty 4. George
Quinlan 5. Al Burdge 6. Tony Giglio
2nd Heat: 1. Jeff Carpenter 2. Bill Liedtka 3. Matt Kall 4. Jason
Bubeck 5. Ken Guyer 6. George Marrero
Feature (20 Laps): 1. Jeff Carpenter 2. Al Cheney 3. Bill Liedtka 4.
Jason Bubeck 5. Mick Search 6. George Marrero 7. George Quinlan 8.
Larry Reed 9. Kenny Guyer 10. Tony Giglio 11. Pete Fogarty 12. Matt
Kall 13. Al Burdge 14. Greg Schmidt 15. Joe Garey 16. Shawn McCaughey
17. Mike Dzingleski 18. Charlie Gunner 19. Jerry Confer Jr. DNS: Glen

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