Hartman, Mady, & Tomson Victorious In New Egypt’s First Small Car Sunday Event

Date: 4/14/2008 10:42:01 AM

Hartman, Mady, & Tomson Victorious In New Egypt’s First Small Car Sunday Event

New Egypt, NJ April 13- Second generation driver Jeff Hartman drove to his first ever career win at the New Egypt Speedway this past Sunday. Hartman started from the outside pole position in the 20-lap feature. Hartman’s No. 026 made the winning pass on race leader Johnny Carpenter on lap 6 and then never looked back. While Hartman was driving away from the field Carpenter, Sam Casella and Drew Richmond were fighting it out for the runner-up position. With the two to go signal showing Richmond’s strong run came to an end when he pulled off the speedway while running in fourth. Chasing Hartman across the finish line were Carpenter, Casella, Rich Mellor, and Joe Lord. “We chose a really hard right rear today and the car just stuck on the outside…that’s how we were able to make that pass for the lead. The track was awesome and I had a lot of fun out there. Hopefully we can come back and so some more racing here, but that’s all up to my dad (Newt Hartman),” explained the winner.

The Xcel Chassis 600 Modified Series made their first ever visit to New Egypt’s half-mile facility on Sunday afternoon. 25 modifieds signed into the pit area and put on one heck of a show. The 20-lap main event got off to a rough start as Nathan Dibble got upside down on the first lap. This was actually Dibble’s second time going over during the weekend, as he rolled over on Saturday during the open practice session. Nick Mady jumped out to the early lead and seemed to be the class of the field on this day. The top five stayed close but Mady was never seriously challenged for the top spot. Ryan Higgs had a fine run going until he pulled his No. 16 off the track while running in the top 5 with less than 5 lap remaining. Mike Pychinka’s No. 55 was definitely turning some heads as he was on the move throughout the entire race. Mady was followed across the stripe by Dave Baldwin, Pychinka, Kyle Gardner, and Kenny Gruber who turned the fastest lap of the event at a 19.8. Mady was very excited as he pumped his fist in the air while taking starter Warren Alston’s checkered flag. Mady had nothing but good things to say about New Egypt in his victory lane interiew. “This is one of the best tracks we go to and everything is very well-organized here. I want to thank New Egypt for having us and hope we can race here as often as possible…it was a good day.”

Rounding out Sunday’s action was the Keystone Legends Tour 20-lap feature. Tim Tomson and Jim Henry put on a great battle throughout the entire 20 laps. Tomson led the first 11 laps as Henry was all over him. Henry then nipped Tomson at the line completing lap 12 when the caution came out. For the next five laps it was Tomson hounding Henry for the lead as he finally wrestled the top spot back on lap 17. Henry gave it one last shot in the final turn coming down for the checkered flag but it was to no avail has Tim Tomson captured the first prize money. Following Henry across the finish line were Stephen Nederostek, Steve Stull, and Josh Morrow. Tomson stood happy in victory lane as he gave Henry a lot of credit. “Tim is such a good driver and to race side by side with his is just great. I had a lot of fun out there and I’m glad to be standing here now.” There was a fine field of Legend cars as 27 made the tow on Sunday afternoon.

600 Micro Sprints
Feature (20 Laps): 1. Jeff Hartman 2. Johnny Carpenter 3. Sam Casella
4. Rich Mellor 5. Joe Lord 6. Rick McKay 7. Rob Vivona 8. Randy
Ostwald 9. Shane Lewis 10. Jimmy Carpenter 11. Drew Richmond 12.
William VanScoy 13. Rich Keller 14. Justin Moench

600 Xcel Modifieds
Feature (20 Laps): 1. Nick Mady 2. Dave Baldwin Jr. 3. Mike Pychinka
4. Kyle Gardner 5. Kevin Gruber 6. Brian Mady 7. Curt Amey 8. Cody
Coons 9. Mark Schaffer 10. Rental Drier 11. Aaron Bowes 12. Joe
Fanelli 13. John Lakatos 14. Ian Detwiler 15. Tyler Vartik 16. Chuck
Miller 17. Ryan Higgs 18. Ken Loux 19. George Loux 20. Andy Ressler
21. Eric Whitby 22. Butch Getz 23. Bob Lobbe 24. Ryan Kunkle

KLASCAR Legends:
Feature (20 Laps): 1. Tim Tomson 2. Tim Henry 3. Stephen Nederostek
4. Stephen Stull 5. Josh Morrow 6. Jim Baker 7. Justin Grim 8. George
Abt 9. Paul McCollum 10. Todd McCollum 11. Chuck Phillips 12. Clinton
Penkauskas 13. Justin Mulea 14. Howard Hunter 15. Bruce Roslin 16.
Daniel Roslin 17. Brian Spencer 18. Ricky Harring 19. Steve Gaul 20.
Ron Poley 21. Shawn Benzeleski 22. John Gray 23. Gary Fenton 24. Roy

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