Heavy Mist & Fog Postpones New Egypt Main Events

Date: 5/4/2008 10:27:52 AM

Heavy Mist & Fog Postpones New Egypt Main Events

New Egypt, NJ (May 3, 2008) - A increasingly heavy mist during the
running of Saturday nights program forced New Egypt Speedway
officials to postpone all of tonight's feature events except for one.
After a cloudy start, fog began rolling in about an hour into the
show accompanied by a light mist which steadily became heavier
throughout qualifying. As the feature events began, the mist became
too heavy to allow competition to continue safely and management was
left no choice but to pull the plug.

"We met with the drivers and they felt that the conditions had become
unsafe," stated co-owner Bill Miscoski, "The last thing we wanted to
do was send the fans, who braved the elements, home before the show
was complete; however the weather was beginning to adversely effect
the safety and quality of the racing on the speedway and we were left
with only one choice."

The SS Sprint feature event was under a red flag just 2 laps into the
15 lap event when the decision was made. This feature will be
completed next Saturday night along with the postponed 20 lap A-1
Racing Products Sportsman feature event. The 15 lap Super Stock
feature will then be run in two weeks on Saturday, May 17th, along
with the postponed Modified B Main & 30-lap Modified feature. These
will all be in addition to the scheduled events at no increase in the
admission prices.

The Outlaw Stocks did run their 15 lap feature event with defending
champion Gary Klimeczak taking his first victory of the season, the
ninth of his career. Veteran Spider Ensinger Sr. finished second,
followed by Rich Smith, Whitey Miller and Dan Collamer.

The Advantage Financial/Cradle Rock Developers Rookie Sportsman
Series 8 lap feature saw Gabe Fox win for the second time in three
tries. Kevin Vaclavicek drove a strong race to finish second and last
week's winner Rob Stump was third.  

Tomorrow afternoon, Sunday May 4th, New Egypt Speedway will be back
in action with the second show for the 600cc Micro Sprints. Legend
Cars, Crate-1 Sportsman and the Garden State Vintage Stock Cars will
also be on the bill, which will get underway at 1pm. Gates will open
at 11am.

Next Sat. May 10th, it will be Mother's Day night, featuring the
Big-block Modifieds, A-1 Sportsman, Super Stocks, SS Sprints, Crate-1
Sportsman and the Advantage Financial/Cradle Rock Developers Rookie
Series, along with the finish of tonight's postponed SS Sprint
Feature event and the running of tonight's postponed 20 lap Sportsman
feature. Gates open at 4 p.m. with the first green at 6 pm. Adult
admission is still $17, children 7-12 are $6, and kids 6 and under
are always free. For further details about New Egypt Speedway's
upcoming events, call the track office at (609) 758-1900 or log on to

1st Heat: 1.  Stan Frankenfield Jr. 2. Rich Rutski 3. Frank Cozze 4.
Keith Hoffman 5. David VanHorn 6. Dominick Buffalino
2nd Heat: 1. Billy Pauch 2. Bucky Kell 3. Brian Godown 4. Mark Forte
Jr. 5. Sam Martz 6. Ricky Yetter
3rd Heat: 1. Bob Hendershot 2. Bob Drayton 3. Tom Carberry 4. Ron
John Koczon 5. Tim Tanner Jr. 6. John Keller  
B Main:  Postponed till May 17th.
Feature (30 laps):  Postponed till May 17th.

Rookie Feature (8 laps): 1. Gabe Fox 2. Kevin Vaclavicek 3. Rob Stump
4. Chris Allen Jr. 5. Bobby Sandt Jr. 6. Andrew Visinski 7. Wayne
Groover DNS: Steve Lane
1st Heat: 1. Rich Scagliotta 2. John McClelland 3. Jeff Marcucci 4.
Keith Plumstead 5 .Danny Bouc 6. Ryan Forte
2nd Heat: 1. Lou Farina III 2. Willie Osmun 3. Rocco Infante 4. Steve
Schmidt 5. Tommy Carberry Jr. 6. Mike Howardson
3rd Heat: 1. Chris Lane 2. Chad Barney 3. Frank Cozze Jr. 4. John
Stangle 5. Clay Butler 6. Tim Apgar
B Main: 1. George Quinlan 2. Dan Waisempacher 3. John Romano Jr. 4.
Bob Hendershot 5. Marc Herman 6.Ray Woodall Jr.  
Feature (20 Laps): Postponed till May 10th.
DNQ:  Kevin Vaclavicek, Andrew Visinski, Bobby Sandt Jr., Alan
Bleacher, Donnie Kline, Wayne Bechtel, Lee Allen, Everett Taylor,
Chris Allen Jr., Ron Barnstead, Wayne Groover, Steve Lane, Rob Stump.

Feature (20 laps): Postponed till May 10th.

Timed Dashes: 1. Art Liedl 17.203 2. Ian Borden 17.300 3. Ed Hughes
17.367 4. Tom Wyckoff 17.694 5. John Snook 17.791 6. Rick Cozze
17.825 7. Robert Liedl 18.031 8. Dan Biggs 18.060
Feature (20 Laps): 2 laps Complete - To be finished May 10th.

Feature (15 Laps): 1. Gary Klimeczak 2. Spider Ensinger Sr. 3. Rich
Smith 4. Whitey Miller 5. Dan Collamer 6. Brian Ludwig 7. Spider
Ensinger Jr. 8. Chris Felber 9. Rich Mongeau 10. Vern McLaughlin 11.
Rob Longo 12. Doug Bates 13. Ed Tinsman 14. Scott Dugan 15. Goop
Mondelli 16. PJ Oliver 17. Doug Debray 18. Billy Wroble DNS: Stu Paer

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