Important...This Tuesday between 7pm & 7:30

Date: 5/5/2008 11:55:53 AM

Important... This Tuesday between 7pm & 7:30
Please, if you can show your support for the track and proposed 1/4 midget track for the kids.  This Tuesday the New Egypt Town Board will meet at the courthouse to decide on some issues with the track.  The track needs all the support it can get from fans that live in Plumsted as well as attend the track from other areas.  Some fans turned out for the meeting in March but this time we need more.  All we want to do is show the these people that NES is indeed important to the community, racing in general and now for the kids with their track.  People were allowed to offer their opinion by speaking to everyone in the room last time and it was great.  So please if you can fit it in your schedule and want to see the 1/4 midet track come to reality and not have a few neighbors try and shut us down come to the meeting for a couple of hours.  THANK YOU.
The location is the municipal building on Evergreen Rd in New Egypt.  From the west on route 537 you would make a right at the light (Evergreen) before the light on route 539.  If you are coming from the North on 539 you can turn right onto route 537 go about a mile or 2 and turn left onto Evergreen (there is a traffic light).  The courthouse is located on your left in about 1/4 mile.  If you're coming from Great Adventure way you would cross over 539 and make the next left with a traffic light which is Evergreen and it's on your left.
We hope to see many faces in the crowd.  Remember guys this DOES matter.  Once again thank you to all the NES supporters.

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