Vaccaro is NES Mr. Super Stock, Koczon Stops Pauch on Final Turn

Date: 5/18/2008 5:42:33 PM

Vaccaro is NES Mr. Super Stock, Koczon Stops Pauch on Final Turn

New Egypt, NJ (May 17, 2008) – Bob Vaccaro of Howell, NJ stunned the
crowd on Saturday night as he won the first race of his career in the
25 lap Mr. Super Stock Classic at New Egypt Speedway. Vaccaro used a
late race charge to go from third to first with just 2 laps to go and
went on to the victory in the most prestigious race of the season for
the Super Stocks on Cray Electric & Motorsports Night.

"This is just amazing!," gushed an exuberant Vaccaro in victory lane,
"It feels so good to finally break through, and to do it in this
event just makes it more special."

Defending Mr. Super Stock Mick Search grabbed the lead at the start
of the event and held it for the first 8 laps over defending champ
George Quinlan and point leader Todd Cray. All-time leading feature
winner Billy Bauer then charged into the scene and took an impressive
lead over the rest of the field. With 7 laps to go, Steve Davis moved
into the runner-up spot and began challenging for the lead. All eyes
were now focused on Bauer and Davis, including Vaccaro’s, as they
battled for the lead & the Mr. Super Stock crown. With just over 2
laps to go, Vaccaro showed his cards as he powered underneath the two
and went on to his first career Super Stock victory. Davis finished
an impressive run in second, while Marty Derr came home third in just
his third ever start! Bauer held on for fourth and Pete Fogarty
rounded out the top five.    

Ron John Koczon of New Egypt, NJ captured the 25 lap held over
Modified feature event from May 3rd. Koczon lead numerous times in
the wild event before he retook the lead from Billy Pauch in the
final turn. Bob Drayton inched out Pauch at the line for his best
finish of the year, while Pauch was relegated to third. Former champ
Keith Hoffman was fourth while Bob Hendershot drove a strong race to
finish fifth.

In the Sportsman division Willie Osmun of Bloomsbury, NJ won his 17th
career feature event, passing a dominate Rocco Infante on the final
lap of the curfew shortened 18 lap affair. Rich Scagliotta held off
John Romano Jr. to finish third, followed by Romano and Tim Apgar.

In the fourth race of the Advantage Financial/Cradle Rock Developers
Rookie Sportsman series, Kevin Vaclavicek won for the first time.
One-time winner Rob Stump finished second while Chris Allen Jr. came
home third.

With Mother Nature throwing rain at us again all day long Friday
continuously into Saturday morning, the track crew worked feverishly
from the predawn hours Saturday up until race time to prepare the
track surface for racing. Despite their extraordinary efforts, the
racing surface was frustrating for everyone involved including track
management. With every effort being made to correct the problem
throughout the show, the result was numerous delays and the entire
show not being completed by the 11:15pm curfew.

Thanking our loyal fans for their support thru these unavoidable
weather conditions last night, speedway owners Bill Miscoski & Fred
Vahlsing announced that all fans in attendance Saturday night (May
17th) are urged to save their wrist bands and present them at the
ticket window this coming holiday weekend (Sat. May 24th) for a $2.00
discount off of the admission price.

The curfewed Modified B main and feature event along with the SS
Sprint feature will be made up in the near future with no increase in
the general admission price. Dates for these make up events will be
announced soon.  

Next Saturday night, May 24th, it will be our Memorial Day weekend
Medal of Honor tribute sponsored by Joy Auto Parts. The racing will
feature the fan favorite Twin 20’s for the big-block Modifieds, along
with a full card of the A-1 Sportsman, Super Stocks, Crate-1
Sportsman & the Advantage Financial/Cradle Rock Developers Rookie
series. The rain postponed Sportsman feature event from May 3rd will
also be on tap. Gates open at 4:00 p.m. with first green at 5:30 pm.
Adult admission will be $20, children 7-12 will be $7 and all kids 6
and under are always free. For more information, call the speedway
office at (609) 758-1900 or log on to

B Main (from 5/3): 1. Kenny Meisner 2. Rick Wegner 3. John Salvatore
Jr. 4. Mike Krachun 5. Darren McCaughey 6. Tad Cox 7. Bill Paulmenn

Make-up Feature (from 5/3) (25 laps):  1. Ron John Koczon 2. Bob
Drayton 3. Billy Pauch 4. Keith Hoffman 5. Mike Hendershot 6. Brian
Godown 7. Mike Krachun 8. Tom Carberry 9. Darren McCaughey 10. Ken
Meisner 11. Tad Cox 12. Rick Wegner 13. John Salvatore Jr. 14. Frank
Cozze 15. Tim Tanner Jr. 16. Rich Rutski 17. Ricky Yetter 18. Stan
Frankenfield Jr. 19. Sam Martz 20. Dominick Buffalino 21. Mark Forte
Jr. 22. Bucky Kell 23. John Keller 24. Jim Robertson 25. Bill Paulmenn

Timed Dashes: 1. Mike Krachun 18.055 2. Dominick Buffalino 18.230 3.
Keith Hoffman 18.289 4. Billy Pauch 18.294 5. Ron John Koczon 18.313
6. Bob Drayton 18.349 7. Mark Forte Jr. 18.357 8. Tim Tanner Jr. 9.
Frank Cozze 18.364 10. Rick Laubach 18.373
Feature (30 laps):  CURFEWED – TO BE RESCHEDULED

Rookie Feature (8 laps): 1. Kevin Vaclavicek 2. Rob Stump 3. Chris
Allen Jr. 4. Gabe Fox 5. Bobby Sandt Jr. 6. Andrew Visinski 7. Wayne
Groover 8. Jimmy Watts DNS: Steve Lane
Feature (20 Laps): 1. Willie Osmun 2. Rocco Infante 3. Rich
Scagliotta 4. John Romano Jr. 5. Tim Apgar 6. Mike Howardson 7. Marc
Herman 8. Will Dupree 9. Ryan Forte 10. Lou Farina III 11. Jeff
Marcucci 12. Kevin Vaclavicek 13. Ray Woodall 14. Mike Mongiello 15.
Peach Cole 16. Lee Allen 17. Steve Schmidt 18. Alan Bleacher 19. Clay
Butler 20. Joe Systo 21. John McClelland 22. Dan Waisempacher 23.
Tommy Carberry Jr. 24. Ron Barnstead 25. Danny Bouc 26. Chad Barney
27. Bob Hendershot 28. Donnie Kline 29. John Scarpati Jr. 30. Everett
Taylor 31. John Stangle

Mr. Super Stock Classic (25 laps): 1. Bob Vaccaro 2. Steve Davis 3.
Marty Derr 4. Billy Bauer 5. Pete Fogarty 6. Al Burdge 7. Nick
Vasquez 8. Greg Schmidt 9. Don Shipley 10. George Quinlan 11. Tony
Giglio 12. Bill Liedtka 13. Sean Post 14. Jesse McLaughlin 15. George
Marrero 16. Norm Saxton 17. Joe Garey  18. Mick Search 19. Todd Cray
20. Kory Fleming 21. Kevin Bifulco 22. Jason Bubeck 23. Herb Stout
DNS: Rob Ormsbee DQ: Joe Mongeau

Maske-Up Feature (15 Laps): 1. Art Liedl 2. Mark Bitner 3. John
Romano Jr. 4. John Snook 5. Dan Biggs 6. Ed Hughes 7. Ton Wyckoff  8.
Bryan Kuhl  9. Robert Liedl 10. Frank Smith 11. Glenn Sinibaldi 12.
Rick Cozze 13. Ian Borden 14. Jim Hoelterling 15. Ken Buckley 16.
Nick Bardsley Jr.

Feature (15 Laps): 1. Brian Ludwig 2. Spider Ensinger 3. Gary
Klimeczak 4. Rich Mongeau 5. Vern McLaughlin 6. Rich Smith 7. Bob
Dooley 8. Whitey Miller 9. #9  10. Scott Dugan 11. Jeff Dirkes 12.
Rob Bretigan 13. Billy Wroble 14. Ed Tinsman 15. Dan Colomer 16. Doug
Debray 17. Doug Bates 18. Rich Reider 19. Chris Felber 20. Ron Dirkes
21. Goop Mondelli 22. Mike Dunn 23. PJ Oliver

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