Chalk One Up for Mother Nature at New Egypt

Date: 7/5/2008 11:48:21 PM

Route 539, New Egypt, NJ
Track Phone: 609-758-1900
Contact: Pete Wortman, PR Director 732-222-1261


Chalk One Up for Mother Nature at New Egypt

New Egypt, NJ (July 5, 2008) – With qualifying heats and two support
features completed, Mother Nature decided to rain on New Egypt’s Dual
Track parade, forcing the postponement of the remainder of Saturday
nights program. Rain began to fall on the final lap of the Outlaw
Stock feature and became heavy before stopping after just 30 minutes.
The track crew then went to work and made a valiant attempt to
reclaim the track, but several more short showers brought an end to
the night’s events, sponsored by Hoffman Bros. Speed and Performance,
shortly after 9pm.

Thirty-six Modifieds were signed in to the pit area for the forth leg
of the Dual Track Series event being run in conjunction with
Bridgeport Speedway. Tonight’s scheduled 30 lap $3000 to win event
will now be run on the same night as the fifth leg of the series,
Wed. August 20th. This creates a Modified fans dream blockbuster
show, as that night will now feature TWO big-block Modified Dual
Track Point Series feature events. Tonight’s rained-out B main and
the fan favorite “Modified Match Races” will also be on the action
packed program. The support A-1 Racing Products Sportsman show
scheduled for that evening has been changed to an invitation only
feature event.

ALL FANS are urged to save their wrist bands from tonight and bring
them back on Wed. Aug. 20th, where they can use them to receive $5
off their admission ticket.

The Sportsman B Main and feature event, along with the Super Stock
feature rained out this evening will be made up on a date to be

Modified heat competition was fast and furious with all three heats
being taken by former track champs Jimmy Horton, Frank Cozze and
Billy Pauch. Sportsman heats were won by Rocco Infante, Gary Butler
and Clay Butler.  

The Outlaw Stocks did run their 15 lap feature event with Vern
McLaughlin crossing the line first only to be disqualified after the
post race inspection. His teammate and third place finisher Rich
Smith was DQ’d as well. Rich Reider was then named the winner, his
second of the year. Point leader Rich Mongeau finished second with
P.J. Oliver third. The Crate-1 Sportsman feature was won convincingly
by Pat Hires, as he was chased by Darrell Delnero and Richie Cass Sr.

The fireworks originally scheduled for tonight, were postponed
earlier in the day to to very wet ground conditions. They have been
re-scheduled for Sat. night July 19th.

Next Sat. July 12th, it will the third appearance of the Rislone URC
Sprint Series sponsored by RJS Heating and Air Conditioning. The
Big-block Modifieds, A-1 Sportsman, Crate-1 Sportsman and the Outlaw
Stocks will join the popular Sprinters on the program. Gates open at
4 p.m. with the first green at 5:30 pm. For further details about New
Egypt Speedway's upcoming events, call the track office at (609)
758-1900 or log on to

1st Heat: 1. Jimmy Horton 2. Ken Meisner 3. Pat Wall 4. Brian Godown
5. Gary Hager 6. Dominick Buffalino
2nd Heat: 1. Frank Cozze 2. Rick Laubach 3. Ron John Koczon 4. Wade
Hendrickson 5. Tad Cox 6. Steve Bottcher
3rd Heat: 1. Billy Pauch 2. Keith Hoffman 3. Tim Tanner Jr. 4. Jimmy
Horton IV 5. Darren McCaughey 6. Mike Krachun
B Main:  Postponed till Wed. 8/20
Feature (30 laps):  Postponed till Wed. 8/20

1st Heat: 1. Rocco Infante 2. Ryan Forte 3. Will Dupree 4. John
Stangle 5. Ray Woodall Jr. 6. Steve Schmidt  
2nd Heat: 1. Gary Butler 2. Rich Scagliotta 3. John McClelland 4.
Mike Howardson 5. Bob Hendershot 6. Chris Allen Jr.
3rd Heat: 1. Clay Butler 2. Chad Barney 3. Tim Apgar 4. Donnie Kline
5. Jeff Marcucci 6. Bob Lineman Jr.    
B Main: Postponed to date to be determined.
Feature (20 Laps): Postponed to date to be determined.

Timed-Dashes: 1. Rob Ormsbee 19.866 2. Mick Search 20.300 3. Todd
Cray 20.410 4. Nick Vasquez 20.516 5. Kenny Hammond 20.654 6. Kory
Fleming 20.713 7. Marty Derr 20.818 8. Tony Giglio 20.861
Feature (20 laps): Postponed to date to be determined.

Feature (15 Laps): 1. Pat Hires 2. Darrell Delnero 3. Richie Cass Sr.
4. Jon Haegele 5. Ron Barnstead 6. Gabe Fox 7. George Idell Jr. 8.
Brandon Guyer 9. Bryan Papiez 10. Lee Allen 11. Tom Raneri 12. Rob
Stump 13. Rich Steele

Feature (15 Laps): 1. Rich Reider 2. Rich Mongeau 3. PJ Oliver 4. Dan
Collamer 5. Brian Ludwig 6. Spider Ensinger Jr. 7 Jeff Dirkes 8.
Spider Ensinger Sr. 9. Bob Dooley 10. Chris Felber 11. Mike Hires 12.
Goop Mondelli 13. Doug Debray 14. Stu Paer 15. Jay Bundy 16. Jason
Saredy 17. Rick Latza 18. Joe Cooley 19. Whitey Miller 20. Gary
Klimeczak 21. Doug Bates 22. Scott Dugan 23. Ed Tinsman 24. Billy
Wroble DQ: Vern McLaughlin, Rich Smith

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