Shannon Daley Memorial Fund

Date: 8/9/2008 2:42:51 PM

Coming down to NES to support the Cozze's & NES   

As many of you know, Rick Cozze is donating all his racing proceeds to the Shannon Daley Memorial Fund and Frank is donating $100 for every win. We are grateful to Rick and Frank and to those of you who pledged to donate with Rick Cozze's first win. We will be down there tonight so if you have any questions about the charity or anything we do, we would be glad to answer any and all questions.
We thank Bill Miscoski for his pledge of $500 for Rick's first win earlier in the year and to Romano for his pledge of $100. I know that some more of you have pledged so if you want to give to us directly, tonight is the night. We thank Danny Serrano for his hospitality in having us down there tonight and his help with our organization. I met him at our charity basketball game and he truly is a tremendous person. I am impressed with all that he does for the track and for the fans.
We are humbled at how great the racing community has been to us and know what a wonderful thing you have going down at NES. Thanks again for your support. We could not be the success we are without your help.
See you tonight.
Paul McGill
Vice President
Shannon Daley Memorial Fund

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