Laubach and Coyle Shine in NES Day #1 Action

Date: 10/5/2008 2:23:13 AM

Route 539, New Egypt, NJ
Track Phone: 609-758-1900
Contact: Pete Wortman, PR Director 732-222-1261


Laubach and Coyle Shine in NES Day #1 Action

New Egypt, NJ (October 4, 2008) - Rick Laubach of Quakertown, PA &
Chris Coyle of Wilmington, DE  shared the glory on Saturday night at
New Egypt Speedway as each posted victories on day #1 of the season
finale Rocktoberfest weekend. Laubach captured the $4000 to win 40
lap open competition 358 Modified feature on NJ Allstate Insurance
night, his third win of the year and. Coyle finally put it all
together as he captured his first ever win at New Egypt Speedway, in
the Rislone URC Sprint Car Series 25-lap event.

In the 358 Modified feature, polesitter Keith Hoffman took command of
the event early and appeared to be the best car on this evening as he
opened up what appeared to be a comfortable lead. Laubach would have
something to say about this, as he ran down Hoffman and then passed
him for the lead on lap #12. Once in front, it then appeared as if
Laubach would run away and hide, until Hoffman got a second life and
closed in on Laubach over the final 10 laps. Hoffman actually pulled
even on several occasions as Jeff Strunk raced into the picture as
well, but Laubach was up the challenge as he held on for the well
deserved victory. Hoffman settled for second as Strunk faded back as
he broke the rear in the car with just two laps remaining, keeping
him from being able to make a serious challenge. Jimmy Chester drove
home in third, Ryan Watt who started 20th finished 4th and Sportsman
champion Willie Osmun rounded out the top five.

Chris Coyle posted his 8th career win with URC Saturday, his first
ever win at New Egypt Speedway. After a crowd pleasing dual for the
lead for 10 straight laps, Coyle wrestled the lead away from Dave Ely
on lap 15 to assume command and then flew to the popular victory.
Trevor Lewis came home second over Ely, Kramer Williamson and last
years winner of this event Ed Aiken. J.J. Grasso, who had won all
four events at NES this season, and 5 of the last 6, was out of the
event early as he flipped wildly in turn one on lap 4 after his front
wing had broken. Grasso was uninjured in the violent wreck.

In the Crate-1 Sportsman 20 lap feature, Mike Barone made his first
appearance of the year count as he cruised home to his first win. Jon
Heagele finished a strong second after a late race rally. John
Romano, Jr. was third behind the wheel of the Barnstead racing #55,
Pat Hires crossed the line in fourth while Ray Woodall, Jr. completed
the top five.   

The 20 lap Super Stock feature saw Kory Fleming of Milford, NJ win
his first event of 2008, taking the season finale. Fleming had to
hold off 2 time champ Rob Ormsbee most of the race to post the
victory. Billy Bauer grabbed second on the final lap, as Ormsbee
raced home in third. Bill Liedtka was fourth and last years defending
champ George Quinlan finished fifth.    

Tomorrow, Sunday afternoon, October 5, FEDex presents the Big Block
Modifieds as they compete in the 7th leg of the 8 race Garden State
Dual Track Series. The A1 Racing Products Sportsman will also be in
action, along with the SS Sprints (Super Sportsman) & the Outlaw
Stocks.. Gates will open at 11:00 a.m. with the first green at 1:00
pm. For more information, call the speedway office at (609) 758-1900
or log on to

10/4/08 RESULTS
Fast Timer: Rob Ormsbee 20.287
Feature (20 Laps): 1. Kory Fleming 2. Billy Bauer 3. Rob Ormsbee 4.
Bill Liedtka 5. George Quinlan 6. Jason Bubeck 7. Shawn McCaughey 8.
Kim Cooke 9. George Marrero 10. Norm Saxton 11. Pete Fogarty 12.
Kenny Guyer 13. Jimmy Carpenter 14. Al Burdge 15. Charlie Gunner 16.
Glen Rosenberger 17. Jeff Carpenter 18. Kevin Bifulco

1st Heat: 1. Ray Woodall Jr. 2. Archie Myers 3. George Idell 4. Eddie
Prentice 5. Rob Stump 6. Jason Treat
2nd Heat: 1. John Romano Jr. 2. Pat Hires 3. Richie Cass Sr. 4. Jon
Haegele 5. Mike Barone 6. John Micek
Feature (20 Laps): 1. Mike Barone 2. Jon Haegele 3. John Romano Jr.
4. Pat Hires 5. Ray Woodall Jr. 6. Gabe Fox 7. Richie Cass Sr. 8.
Steve Davis 9. Archie Myers 10. Kyle Borrer 11. Jason Treat 12. Eric
Engstrom 13. Jason Bittner 14. Chris Allen Sr. 15. Rich Steele 16.
John Micek 17. Forrest Peters 18. Tom Gibson 19. George Idell Jr. 20.
Rob Stump 21. Eddie Prentice

1st Heat: 1. Rick Laubach 2. Jason Hamilton 3. Wade Hendrickson 4.
Doug Manmiller 5. Carmine Infante
2nd Heat: 1. Ryan Godown 2. Keith Hoffman 3. Clay Butler 4. Eric
Kormann 5. John Stangle
3rd Heat: 1. Jimmy Chester 2. Jimmy Horton 3. Jeff Strunk 4. Gary
Butler 5. Mike Lyons
4th Heat: 1. Meme Desantis 2. Richie Pratt Jr. 3. Willie Osmun 4.
Rocco Infante 5. Ryan Watt
B-Main 1: 1. Mike Iles 2. Mike McAleer 3. Troy Wink
B-Main 2: 1. Bryant Brown 2. George Quinlan 3. Rick Wegner
Promoters Provisional(s): Chic Cossaboone, Mike Howardson, Stan
Frankenfield Jr., Marc Herman
Feature (40 Laps); 1. Rick Laubach 2. Keith Hoffman 3. Jimmy Chester
4. Ryan Watt 5. Willie Osmun 6. Jimmy Horton 7. Rocco Infante 8. Mike
Iles 9. Eric Kormann 10. Clay Butler 11. Carmine Infante 12. Jeff
Strunk 13. George Quinlan 14. Bryant Brown 15. Mike Lyons 16. Gary
Butler 17. Meme Desantis 18. Doug Manmiller 19. Marc Herman 20. Stan
Frankenfield Jr. 21. John Stangle 22. Chic Cossaboone 23. Wade
Hendrickson 24. Mike McAleer 25. Mike Howardson 26. Rick Wegner 27.
Ryan Godown 28. Jason Hamilton 29. Richie Pratt Jr. 30. Troy Wink
DNQ: Guy Germano, Rick Holsten, John Pursell, Korey Keimig, Tom
Umbenhauer, Doug Ostwald, Bobby Sandt, Ryan Grim, Billy Lowden Jr.,
Dan Waisempacher, Tom Hager, Lou Farina, Steve Young, John Keller,
Dave Wiszniewski, Jimmy Horton IV.

1st Heat: 1. Jeff VanDusen 2. Becca Anderson 3. Kramer Williamson 4.
Trevor Lewis 5. Gary Gollub
2nd Heat: 1. Kevin Darling 2. Danny Massey 3. Ed Aikin 4. Jason
Clauss 5. Curt Michael
3rd Heat: 1. Chris Coyle 2. Kyle Purks 3. Kevin Welsh 4. J.J. Grasso
5. David Gravel
4th Heat: 1. Dave Ely 2. Robbie Stillwaggon 3. Justin Collett 4.
Michael Carber 5. Rory Janney
B-Main: 1. Joey Biasi 2. Danny Massey 3. Kevin Nagy 4. Chuck Palmucci
(Prov: Davey Sammons)
Feature (25 Laps): 1. Chris Coyle 2. Trevor Lewis 3. Dave Ely 4.
Kramer Williamson 5. Ed Aikin 6. Jeff VanDusen 7. Michael Carber 8.
Curt Michael 9. Kyle Purks 10. Kevin Welsh 11. Robbie Stillwaggon 12.
Justin Collett 13. Kevin Nagy 14. Danny Massey 15. Randy West 16.
David Gravel 17. Rory Janney 18. Becca Anderson 19. Chuck Palmucci
20. Joey Biasi 21. Jason Clauss 22. Davey Sammons 23. Gary Gollub 24.
J.J. Grasson 25. Kevin Darling
DNQ: Andy Hannula, Nate Snyder, Art Liedl, Josh Weller, Kenny Adams,
Andy Best, John Baker, Jim Walters, Brett Schoenly, Scott Pursell,
Mark Bitner, Mike Kostic.

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