NEW EGYPT SPEEDWAY YOUNG GUNS - Upcoming autograph sessions and car shows

Date: 4/29/2009 7:15:56 PM

NEW EGYPT SPEEDWAY YOUNG GUNS - Upcoming autograph sessions and car shows
As far as Autograph Session this is the way it is going to work out.... We have cards to sign, but if you have something to sign bring them because our supplies are limited! i need your cooperation so let me know ASAP...

Call Ryan Simmons at 609-752-2405
      Pete MacDonald at 732-644-0975
      Nick Leach at
      Brian Papiez at 908-229-4406 
-John Cornell III
-Bobby Sandt
-PJ Oliver
-Ryan Hoffman
The schedule looks like this..
Session 1           Opening Day 4/18/09 ALREADY DONE
-Ryan Simmons
-DJ Ruppert
-Johnny Guarino
-Chris Allen Jr.
SESSION 2 see above
Session 3
-Frank Cozze Jr
-Mike Vacarro
-Brian Papiez
-Rich Steele
Session 4    
-Joe Reid
-Mike Butler
-Tom Princiotta
-Jarrod Burdge
Session 5
-Ryan Forte
-Kevin Vaclavicek
-Scott Dugan
-Bryan Kuhl
You will be signing weeks that you race some may not match up so we will try and fix that, these are spread throughout the year, we matched everyone up so that everyone is racing the same day.  IF YOU CAN NOT MAKE THE SESSION IT IS NOT MY FAULT. If you wrecked and need to fix your car, ill try and slide you in another day cause i understand that its more important. Sponsorship money has been givin out already..
Oliver Communications is giving away
$100 bucks to anyone who finishes in the top 3 of their class....$200 is gone with DJ Ruppert taking this weeks 2nd 100.
CAR SHOWS:  JULY 3rd at Haldeman Ford - I gave out Flyers, I need to know if your coming BY June 1st... Also, one June 14th at Haldeman Ford, we are looking at I need atleast 6 cars.
Lets go guys help me out here, im not going to call every one up and get this info.

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