New Egypt Detour for Wed, Sat, & Sun

Date: 8/25/2009 12:04:31 AM

New Egypt Detour for Wed, Sat, & Sun
The intersection at 528 & 539 will be closed this week.  If you are coming from the 539 South nothing has changed.  If you are coming from town you will have to come up Colliers Mills Rd instead of 528...there will be signs. 

Most people come from the North on 539.  We have made up signs for the Speedway.  It's fairly simple.  When you get to the Dunkin Donuts/Roma Bank corner (537) make a left turn (like you were headed to Great Adventure).  In 3 miles you will turn right onto Hawkin Rd.  Proceed until you get to the blinking traffic light (Rt 528).  Continue straight thru the light.  At the end of Hawkin Rd you will have to make a right onto E. Colliers Mills Rd. (you will be coming up from the backside of the track). This road brings you right up to Rt 539.  When you hit 539 make a right and we're right there on the right. (These directions should be followed if you are coming traveling on Rt 537 west as well.
If you were coming from Rt 537 going through Six Flags Great Adventure...the directions hold the same except you'd be making a left onto Hawkin Rd not not a right.
It may sound like a lot but it really isn't.  It's about 7 minutes longer than usual. 
Pit Gates open at 4:30pm and Grandstands at 5pm....Hot laps at 6:30pm ...First Heat Race is at 7:15pm.
Tri-Track Series 40-laps Modifieds plus ARDC Midgets!!!

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