Jimmy Horton Has Banner Night at New Egypt

Date: 5/23/2010 10:48:59 PM

Route 539, New Egypt, NJ
Track Phone: 609-758-1900
Contact: Pete Wortman, PR Director 732-222-1261


Jimmy Horton Has Banner Night at New Egypt

New Egypt, NJ (May 22, 2010) – Jimmy Horton of Neshanic, NJ picked
up his first victory of the season at New Egypt Speedway on Saturday
night as he captured the 30 lap Banner Night feature event sponsored
by Roma Bank. Horton, who started 7th, grabbed the lead on lap 14
from David Van Horn and never looked back. The victory was the 17th
at New Egypt for Horton.

“We had to come up with a new gameplan,” stated Horton very matter of
factly, “We have had a very slow start. I think we changed everything
on the car but the number.”

David Van Horn grabbed the lead at the start of the event driving
Brian Truppi’s #02 and controlled the early part of the event chased
by Ron John Koczon, Frank Cozze Jr. and Horton. Thru the first ten
laps Van Horn pulled away at will, but then Horton began to track him
down and finally on lap 14 a turn 4 slider put him in the lead. Once
in front, It was all Horton as he pulled away with ease leaving
everyone else to battle for second. The final five laps saw Van
Horn’s car start to go away as he began to fade, as a late race
charge by Keith Hoffman put him second at the checkered. Billy Pauch,
who looked like he would not crack the top five did was he does best,
that is get the most he can get out of what he has and still make it
work as he ended up third by pure determination. Bobby Drayton had a
great run all night long and ended up fourth followed by Van Horn who
hung on for a top five finish.

Jim Housworth won the Crate-1 Sportsman 20 lap feature, taking the
lead with 3 laps to go, then surviving a late race restart holding
off Bill Martino to capture the victory. Martino was second followed
by John Micek, Dan Mazy and Kyle Borrer.

In the Tobias Speedsters, Richie Tobias won easily as he had everyone
covered on this night. The race was shortened to 16 laps when Rain
hit the speeday. Former NES hotshoe Mario Page did a great job
finishing 2nd while 358-Modified standout Rick Schaffer drove home
third. Tyler Potts and DJ Marci rounded out the top five.

The Fastrak Late Models saw Mick Search his first of the year by a
slight margin. PJ Oliver finished second, followed by Steve Davis,
Tony Giglio and Alessa Young. .

The Advantage Financial/Cradle Rock Developers Rookie Sportsman
entered week six tonight, and Jarret Rozycki won his second feature
of the year over Bill Lester and Dave Damiano.

Next Saturday night, May 29th, New Egypt Speedway will pay tribute to
the Military with the fan favorite Twin 20’s for the Big-Block
Modifieds. Sportsman, Outlaw Stocks and Rookie Sportsman are all also
in action. Gates open at 4:00 p.m. with the first race starting at
6:00 pm. For more information, call the speedway office at (609)
758-1900 or log on to www.newegyptspeedway.net.


1st Heat: 1. Tad Cox 2. Frank Cozze Jr. 3. Frank Cozze 4. Kenny
Carberry 5. Keith Hoffman 6. Rick Laubach
2nd Heat: 1. David Van Horn 2. Jimmy Horton 3. Bob Drayton 4. Mike
Hendershot 5. Tim Tanner Jr. 6. John McClelland
3rd Heat: 1. Ron John Koczon 2. Willie Osmun 3. Billy Pauch 4. Jim
Robertson 5. Mark Forte Jr. 6. Johnny Guarino
Consi: 1. Sam Martz 2. Dominick Buffalino 3. Tom Carberry 4. Tommy
Carberry Jr. 5. Mike Barone 6. Corey Andersen
Promoter Provisional: Richie Tobias
Feature (30 Laps): 1. Jimmy Horton 2. Keith Hoffman 3. Billy Pauch 4.
Bob Drayton 5. David Van Horn 6. Ron John Koczon 7. Frank Cozze 8.
Tim Tanner Jr. 9. Frank Cozze Jr. 10. Kenny Carberry 11. Rick
Laubach 12. Willie Osmun 13. Mike Hendershot 14. Johnny Guarino 15.
John Miloszar 16. Richie Tobias 17. Mike Barone 18. Tommy Carberry
Jr. 19. Corey Andersen 20. Brad Freeman 21. John McClelland 22.
Tom Carberry 23. Dominick Buffalino 24. Mark Forte Jr. 25. Sam Martz
26. Tad Cox 27. Jim Robertson
DNQ: Tommy Beamer, John Stangle, Ryan Forte, Mike McAleer, Gary
Butler, Darren McCaughey

1st Heat: 1. Bill Martino 2. Kyle Borror 3. Bryan Kuhl 4. Harry
Marlin 5. Jimmy Spellmon 6. Jon Haegele
2nd Heat: 1.Chris Allen Jr. 2. Jim Housworth 3. John Amuick 4. John
Micek 5. Pat Hires 6. Bob Burgess III
3rd Heat: 1. Bobby Dmuchowski 2. Dan Mazy 3. Ron Barnstead 4. Lee
Allen 5. Gabe Fox 6. Doug Debray
Consi: 1. Brandon Guyer 2. Brian Papiez 3. Tim Paul 4. Matt
Vallincourt 5. Eric Renninger 6. Bob Rambone
Feature (20 Laps): 1. Jim Houseworth 2. Bill Martino 3. John Micek 4.
Dan Mazy 5. Kyle Borror 6. Bryan Kuhl 7. Gabe Fox 8. Bob Burgess III
9. Jimmy Spellmon 10. Jon Heagele 11. Pat Hires 12. John
Amuick 13. Doug Debray 14. Brandon Guyer 15. Jarrett Rozycki 16. Lee
Allen 17. Brian Papiez 18. Ron Barnstead 19. Bob Rambone 20. Eric
Renninger 21. Tim Paul 22. Matt Vallincourt 23. Harry Marlin 24.
Bob Dmuchoswki 25. Chris Allen Jr.
DNQ: Rich Steele, Bobby Scherff, Doug Urbano, Tom Raneri, Wayne
Groover, Danny Destefano, Scott Hyland, Joe Dill, John Alimurat, Dave

Tobias Speedstrs RESULTS
1st Heat: 1. Doug Sherwood 2. Doug Rose 3. Tyler Potts 4. Rick
Schaffer 5. DJ Marci Jr. 6. Ben Whitaker
2nd Heat: 1. Rich Tobias 2. Steve Hicks 3. Mario Page 4. Kyle Hieber
5. Gary Huber 6. Jeff Gallup
Feature (16/20 (RAIN) Laps): 1. Rich Tobias 2. Mario Page 3. Rick
Schaffer 4. Tyler Potts 5. DJ Marci Jr. 6. Doug Sherwood 7. Gary
Huber 8. Doug Rose 9. Jeff Gallup 10. Steve Hicks 11. Gary Hieber Jr.
12. Brittany Wixon 13. Ben Whitiker 14. Katie McCardle 15. Scott
Monroe 16. Kyle Hieber 17. Doug Zrinski

Feature 1 (15 Laps): 1. Mick Search 2. P.J. Oliver 3. Steve Davis 4.
Tony Giglio 5. Alessa Young 6. Darrin Henderson

Feature (8 Laps): 1. Jarrett Rozycki 2. Bill Lester 3. Dave Damiano
4. Walt Larson 5. Joe Dill 6. Danny DeStefano 7. Aaron VanGorder

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