Koczon is Dandy in Yankee Classic Tri-Track Race at NES

Date: 7/4/2010 3:07:13 PM

Route 539, New Egypt, NJ
Track Phone: 609-758-1900
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Koczon is Dandy in Yankee Classic Tri-Track Race at NES

New Egypt, NJ (July 3, 2010) – Ron John Koczon of New Egypt, NJ was
on top of his game on Saturday night as he captured the Yankee
Classic 40-lap Tri-Track Series event, sponsored by H & H Gas. It was
certainly Koczon’s night as he won the first heat of the evening,
drew the pole starting spot and then led 35 of the 40 laps in the
feature to win for the first time in two years. Koczon held off
4-time champ Billy Pauch over the second half of the race by
consistently hitting his marks lap after lap and never making a

“I always dreamed about racing against these guys when I was a kid,”
stated an excited Koczon in victory lane, “This is great to be able
to win in front of all of the people who make all this possible.”

Koczon drew the pole and brought the 27 car field down to the green
chased by many of the top drivers in the northeast. Koczon was strong
early, but an early race decision almost cost him as he elected to
restart on the inside several times despite how well his car was
working on the outside. On lap 7 it finally bit him as Mike Barone
raced around the outside of him and took the lead for the next 5 laps
till the yellow appeared again on lap 12. With Pauch and now Jimmy
Horton applying the pressure, Koczon felt the urgency and wasted no
time getting back by Barone and into the lead as Horton made it 3
wide for the top spot. Horton ran Koczon hard till halfway when Pauch
slid up in front of Horton for second. Now it was Pauch’s turn as he
threw everything he knew at Koczon only to see the likeable young
chauffeur continue to charge around the outside. With 7 laps to go,
Pauch pulled up on Koczon’s rear bumper and tried a slider move in
turn two, only to have Koczon drive back around him into the lead.
This would prove to be Pauch’s last chance as he lost ground that he
could not make up. Koczon cruised around the top to the checkered
flag for his 4th career win at NES. Pauch came home second with
Horton losing the motor as he crossed the line in third. Mike
Hendershot drove a great race finishing 4th while Willie Osmun
completed the top five. Rounding out the top ten were Gary Butler,
Barone, Tad Cox, Frank Cozze Jr. and last week’s winner Bobby

In the Rislone URC Sprint Series event, Randy West of Boyertown, PA
withstood an all-out Bonzai slider move by JJ Grasso in the final two
turns to get his first ever win at NES. West grabbed the lead in the
opening laps and was the best in lapped traffic as he set a torrid
pace. He seemed to have second place Justin Collett covered when
Grasso ran the two down in the final five laps, sliding up in front
of Collett in turn 4 for second with two laps to go, setting the
stage for the final lap dramatics. Grasso, a five time winner at New
Egypt in his career, brought the crowd to their feet as he blasted
under West going into turn 3 in a move so daring that he slid all the
way out to the fence near the pit gate in turn four nearly hitting
the guardrail. West calmly let him blow on the inside, maintained his
line and drove back under him in turn four for his first win of 2010.
Grasso never let off and somehow threw the car backwards keeping him
out of the fence and shot back across the track on two wheels
finishing second much to the delight of the crowd. Collett crossed
the line in third, chased by Josh Weller and former NES hotshoe Kenny
Meisner. Former New Egypt SS Sprint standout Art Liedl finished
sixth, followed by Curt Michael, Davey Sammons, last years winner
Trevor Lewis and Kyle Purks.

The popular Big Bang Bonanza Modified Match Races saw Wade
Hendrickson winning the first 4 in a row, pocketing $200, before
falling to Sam Martz. David Van Horn then took care of Martz in the
very next race, winning three before being beaten by Rick Laubach.
This left Laubach to challenge the lone driver left, Billy Pauch.
Pauch won the 2 lap showdown and the final race purse of $500.

Next Saturday night, July 10, New Egypt Speedway presents a full card
of racing featuring the Big-Block Modifieds along with the Crate-1
Sportsman, the FASTRAX Late Models and the TSRS 305 Sprint Cars,
beginning at 6pm. Gates open at 4pm with warm-ups starting at 5:15pm.
For more information about these events, call the speedway office at
(609) 758-1900 or log on to www.newegyptspeedway.net.  

Heat 1: 1. Ron John Koczon 2. Sam Martz 3. Mike Hendershot 4. Brian
Truppi 5. Wade Hendrickson 6. Gary Butler
Heat 2: 1. Tom Carberry 2. Richie Pratt Jr. 3. Keith Hoffman 4. Ryan
Forte 5. Mike Barone 6. Frank Cozze
Heat 3: 1. Jimmy Horton 2. Rick Laubach 3. Billy Pauch 4. Frank Cozze
Jr. 5. Tommy Carberry Jr. 6. Willie Osmun
B-Main: 1. Bob Drayton 2. John Miloszar 3. David Van Horn 4. Tim
Tanner Jr. 5. Mark Forte Jr. 6. Tad Cox
Provisionals: Sean Merkel, Ryan Watt, Clay Butler
Feature (40 Laps): 1. Ron John Koczon 2. Billy Pauch 3. Jimmy Horton
4. Mike Hendershot 5. Willie Osmun 6. Gary Butler 7. Mike Barone 8.
Tad Cox 9. Frank Cozze Jr. 10. Bob Drayton 11. David Van Horn
12. Ryan Watt 13. Clay Butler 14. John Miloszar 15. Frank Cozze 16.
Tom Carberry 17. Tim Tanner Jr. 18. Sean Merkel 19. Ryan Forte 20.
Mark Forte Jr. 21. Richie Pratt Jr. 22. Wade Hendrickson 23. Keith
Hoffman 24. Sam Martz 25. Brian Truppi 26. Tommy Carberry Jr.
DNS: Rick Laubach
DNQ: Dominick Buffalino, John Dixon, Steve Haggan, John Salvatore Jr.

Heat 1: 1. Jonathan Swanson 2. Kenny Meisner 3. Davey Sammons 4. Josh
Weller 5. Curt Michael 6. Kramer Williamson
Heat 2: 1. Scott Pursell 2. Randy West 3. Robbie Stillwaggon 4. Art
Liedl 5. Trevor Lewis 6. Chris Coyle
Heat 3: 1. J.J. Grasso 2. Bill Unglert 3. Justin Collett 4. Nick
Schlauch Jr. 5. Kevin Nouse 6. Kevin Darling
B-Main: 1. Kyle Purks 2. Mark Bitner 3. Tim Hogue 4. Rory Janney 5.
Andy Best 6. Tim Higgins
Provisional: Nick Bardsley
Feature (25 Laps): 1. Randy West 2. JJ Grasso 3. Justin Collett 4.
Josh Weller 5. Kenny Meisner 6. Art Liedl 7. Curt Michael 8. Davey
Sammons 9. Trevor Lewis 10. Kyle Purks 11. Mark Bitner 12. Jonathan
Swanson 13. Scott Pursell 14. Nick Schlauch Jr. 15. Robbie
Stillwaggon 16. Tim Hogue 17. Andy Best 18. Tim Higgins 19. Kevin
Nouse 20. Chris Coyle 21. Nick Bardsley 22. Kevin Darling 23.
Bill Unglert 24. Kramer Williamson 25. Rory Janney
DNQ: Kevin Welsh, Chris Weiss, Mike Kostic

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