Tim Apgar Pockets $1000 in Sportsman Headliner at New Egypt

Date: 8/22/2010 11:52:37 PM

Tim Apgar Pockets $1000 in Sportsman Headliner at New Egypt

New Egypt, NJ (August 21, 2010) Tim Apgar of Milford, NJ  picked up the second feature victory of the season & his career at New Egypt Speedway on Saturday night as he captured the 25 lap Sportsman feature event sponsored Wawa Food Stores. In a rare opportunity for the Sportsman to be the headline division, Apgar picked up the $1000 first prize in the extra distance event along with a guaranteed starting spot in the “John Romano Memorial 84” on Labor Day (9/6) evening.  Apgar held off Dave Hunt in a spirited battle for much of the first half of the race and then drove to victory by 1.4 seconds over runner-up Randy Yaple.

“This is great, I can’t believe we made it back to victory lane this quick,” an elated Apgar exclaimed, “It took so long to get my first that I never expected to get back here this fast! I need to thank all of my crew and sponsors for everything they do.”
Apgar shot to the lead at the start from the outside of the front row as Dave Hunt charged up behind him. Hunt had thoughts of his own to lead the pack and he tried desperately lap after lap thru several early race cautions to no avail.  Hunt finally got the lead by half of a car length on lap nine only to see Apgar charge back by again. A restart just past halfway saw Hunt get a great start diving under Apgar and pulling into the lead in turn one, only to see his car break in turn two and pull off the speedway done for the evening. With Hunt by the wayside, Apgar now had to deal with Randy Yaple who was on his rear bumper. However, Yaple did not have enough to challenge Apgar and had to settle for second. Marc Herman grabbed third from Mike Butler in the closing laps with Butler crossing the line fourth. George Quinlan, last week’s winner, raced home 5th after starting 24th. Rounding out the top ten were Clay Butler, Will Dupree, Mike Howardson, Gene Stravinsky and Ryan Beltz.

For only the third time in NES history, a Rookie Sportsman driver won a regular feature event in their Rookie season as Dave Damiano won the 20-lap Crate-1 Sportsman feature. Damiano started second and immediately opened up a 7 car length advantage over Rich Steele and Harry Marlin. Throughout the event Damiano controlled the first spot, racing away at will over the rest of the competition, even after restarts. In the end, Damiano crossed the line first capturing an impressive win for the driver who finished third in Rookie Points earlier this season.  Marlin came home second, chased closely by Jim Housworth who finished third. Kyle Borror was fourth followed by Gabe Fox in fifth.

PJ Oliver won his fourth feature of 2010 in the Outlaw Stock 20 lapper. Oliver came from the back to grab the lead before halfway and then cruised to the victory over Dan Collamer, John Carpenter, Billy Wroble and Brian Ludwig.

Kyle Heiber of Langhorne, PA won the Tobias SpeedSTRS 15 lap feature event. Tyler Potts challenged Heiber in the closing laps, but Hieber had him covered and came home victorious. Potts ran second, followed by the winner of the last two events at NES Mario Page, Scott Monroe was fourth and Matt Dealaman.was fifth.

The Fastrak Late Models 15 lap feature event was won by Darrin Henderson of Pasadena, MD.  PJ Oliver who won the Outlaw Stock feature event, settled for second in this one. All-time leading Super Stock feature event winner Rob Ormsbee finished third, followed by Bobby Dmuchowski, and Tony Giglio.
This Tuesday, August 24th, NES will present their “Summer Sizzler” show. The Modifieds will be running the Tri-Track Series event, and the ARDC Midgets will share the spotlight. Warm-ups are at 7pm with first race at 7:30pm.  
Next Saturday night, August 28th, New Egypt Speedway will present Bike Night. The mighty Big-Block Modifeds will headline a racing card that also features the Sportsman and the Outlaw Stocks. Gates will open at 4:00 p.m. with the first race starting at 6:00 pm.  For more information, call the speedway office at (609) 758-1900 or log on to www.newegyptspeedway.net.

1st Heat: 1. Will Dupree 2. Steve Ramsey 3. Mike Lyons 4. Chad Barney 5. Ryan Beltz 6. Kyle Borror
2nd Heat: 1. Tim Apgar 2. Dave Hunt 3. John Cornell 4. Clay Butler 5. Bob Lineman Jr. 6. DJ Ruppert
3rd Heat: 1. Marc Herman 2. Bill Lester 3. Randy Yaple 4. Rocco Infante 5. Mike Butler 6. Gene Stravinsky
Consi: 1. Jimmy Blewett 2. Mike Howardson 3. Ryan Simmons 4. Richie Cass Sr. 5. Kevin Vaclavicek 6. George Quinlan
Pts. Provisional: Brian Roemer

Feature (25 Laps): 1. Tim Apgar 2. Randy Yaple 3. Marc Herman 4. Mike Butler 5. George Quinlan 6. Clay Butler 7. Will Dupree 8. Mike Howardson 9. Gene Stravinsky 10. Ryan Beltz 11. Jimmy Blewett 12. Kevin Vaclavicek 13. Brian Roemer 14. DJ Ruppert 15. Kyle Borror 16. John Cornell 17. Ryan Simmons 18. Richie Cass Sr. 19. Steve Ramsey 20. Dave Hunt 21. Bob Lineman Jr. 22. Rocco Infante 23. Chad Barney 24. Bill Lester 25. Mike Lyons
DNQ: Everett Taylor, Walt Larson, Jimmy Watts, Robin McTighe, Wayne Bechtel, Bill Liedtka, Mike Krachun, Joe Systo, Erik Renninger, John Marini Jr., JT Trstensky, Harris Kohen

1st Heat: 1. John Aumick 2. Harry Marlin 3. John Micek 4. Kyle Borror 5. Bryan Kuhl 6. Rich Steele
2nd Heat: 1. Bobby Dmuchowski 2. Dave Damiano 3. Jimmy Spellmon 4. Jon Haegele 5. Bill Martino 6. Tom Raneri
3rd Heat: 1. Brian Papiez 2. Jarrett Rozycki 3. Gabe Fox 4. Chris Allen Jr. 5. Jim Housworth 6. Doug Urbano
Consi: 1. Dan Mazy 2. Matt Valliancourt 3. Ron Barnstead 4. Chris Allen Sr. 5. Joe Dill 6. Danny Destefano

Feature (20 Laps): 1. Dave Damiano 2. Harry Marlin 3. Jim Housworth 4. Kyle Borror 5. Gabe Fox 6. Bobby Dmuchowski 7. Bill Martino 8. Bryan Kuhl 9. Rich Steele 10. Chris Allen Jr. 11. Ron Barnstead 12. Matt Valliancourt 13. Joe Dill 14. Jon Haegele 15. Tom Raneri 16. John Micek 17. Dan Mazy 18. Brian Papiez 19. Jarrett Rozycki 20. Jimmy Spellmon 21. Chris Allen Sr. 22. John Aumick 23. Danny Destefano 24. Doug Urbano
DNQ: Doug Debray, Bruce Roslin, Rich Knell, Scott Hylund, Steve Hicks, Dan Stout
1st Heat: 1. Gary Klimeczak 2. PJ Oliver 3. Jesse McLaughlin 
2nd Heat: 1. Dan Collamer 2. John Carpenter 3. Rich Mongeau

Feature (20 Laps): 1. PJ Oliver 2. Dan Collamer 3. John Carpenter 4. Billy Wroble 5. Brian Ludwig 6. Scott Dugan 7. Marty Derr 8. Dennis Seeley 9. Dan Salmons 10. Brian Barker 11. Kevin Bifulco 12. Don Chambers 13. Gary Klimeczak 14. Rich Mongeau 15. Jason Saredy 16. Jesse McLaughlin 17. Jarrod Burdge
DNS: Goop Mondelli, Tom Princiotta

Feature (15 Laps): 1. Darin Henderson 2. PJ Oliver 3. Rob Ormsbee 4. Bobby Dmuchowski 5. Tony Giglio 6. Skip Syester 7. Alessa Young
DQ: Matt Hill DNS: Mick Search

1st Heat: 1. Gary Hieber Jr. 2. Kyle Hieber 3. Gary Huber
2nd Heat: 1. Mario Page 2. Tyler Potts 3. Doug Sherwood

Feature (15 Laps): 1. Kyle Hieber 2. Tyler Potts 3. Mario Page 4. Scott Munroe 5. Matt Dealaman 6. Steve Pepe 7. Darrell Delnero 8. Steve Adams 9. Josh Sell 10. Doug Zrinski 11. Gary Hieber Jr. 12. Gary Huber 13. Doug Sherwood DNS: Brittany Wixon

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