John's Memorial Race

Date: 9/7/2010 12:51:47 AM

John's Memorial Race
First and foremost, I would like to thank Tim Apgar... Even with his misfortune this evening, he donated to the Romano Children's Education fund ALL of the laps he lead, which amounts to at least 30 laps... This guy was a very close friend of John's and has a heart of gold :)
Thank you also to the race winner Rocco Infante, who generously donated ALL of the laps he lead during the feature to the Romano Children's Education Fund, and who gave me money from his OWN pocket after the lap races.  As he stated his plan was to give me all of the match race money if he had won... A real class act!  
To the drivers who gave to the helmet drive held in the pits by the Pit Steward Clay Butler... You guys never seem to amaze me at how generous you have been to my family.  I hope you guys were able to hear my "speech" while changing those gears for the feature events :) 
To all of the sportsman drivers who drove that race the way John would of... hard, up top, and clean!!!  With clean being the most important... THANK YOU... You honored John's memory the way I spoke about at your driver's meeting.  This was probably the best sportsman race I have seen in a while. 
To all of the fans and drivers who came out to support John's race.  Many of you had stopped to speak with me to offer your kind words and to tell me how much you thought of John.  Thank you for taking the time to do that... It means more than you know...
To NES management and staff... especially Danny... Thank you for making this a day to remember on what was the worst day of my life last year.  You did an awesome job at making sure that this day was all it was meant to be and should be.  I know John was enjoying watching it all unfold...
This racing family constantly continues to amaze me...
With much love and gratitude,
Kristine, John Matthew, Lindsey Kate, and the entire Romano Family

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