Extreme Drama & 4 Champions Rule At New Egypt Speedway

Date: 9/20/2010 8:24:51 PM

Extreme Drama & 4 Champions Rule At New Egypt Speedway

By Danny Serrano

New Egypt, NJ – (September 18, 2010)On a night when four separate drivers were to be crowned track champions, you couldn’t have had more drama, even if it were scripted.  The mighty Big Block Modifieds had the night off as all four of New Egypt’s support divsions were able to shine brightly on the final point night of the season.  Robbinsville, NJ’s, Rocco Infante barely hung on to claim his second consecutive Sportsman title in dramatic fashion.  Jimmy Housworth of Rieglesville, PA was the lone man standing after the 20-lap Crate-1 Sportsman feature, in an epic nine-driver battle for the 2010 track championship.  New Egypt, NJ’s own 20 year-old PJ Oliver most likely had several hairs turn grey in his 20-lap Outlaw Stock race, as he went on to claim his first-ever track championship.  Pasadena, MD’s Darin Henderson ended his championship season in the first-ever FASTRAK LM campaign at NES in grand style by not only winning the final race of the points season, but the championship as well.

The only two drivers with mathematical chances to win this year’s Sportsman title were 13th place starting Mike Lyons and the current point leader Rocco Infante, who lined up 18th on the grid.  With a Lyons victory, Infante had to finish 13th or better if he wanted to be champion.  Alan Bleacher and Ryan Simmons led the 24-car field to the start with Simmons jumping out to the early lead.  A lap six caution for 3rd place points man Mike Howardson, changed the entire complexion of the race.  To everyone’s surprise, Infante drove his No. JR1 into the pit area with front end problems, as Howardson retired for the night.  As the field took the green, Infante was able to rejoin the field just in the nick of time.  Bob Lineman Jr., quickly grabbed the lead away from Simmons only to lose it two laps later to the lightning fast Mike Lyons.  Lyons began to open up a healthy lead over Lineman, Simmons, Kevin Vaclavicek, and Marc Herman at the half-way point.  As the laps clicked off, Infante struggled mightily just to break into the top 15.  It wasn’t until lap 17 that the JR1 of Rocco drove into that magical 13th position.

While Lyons cruised home to his first victory of the season and did everything he had to do for his chances at a championship, all eyes were glued to “The Rock.”  A simple bobble or hop of the cushion, and several competitors that were glued to Rocco’s bumper would have slid by and handed the title to Lyons.  However, Infante was able to keep his cool as he would wind up winning the championship by a mere 6 points with his 12th place effort.

Bob Lineman drove to his best finish of the season coming home in 2nd while Marc Herman not only finished 3rd, but drove to an outstanding 5th place in the final point tabulations.  Vaclavicek kept his fine season in tact by finishing 4th in the feature which vaulted him to 4th in the season-long points.  Gene Stravinsky rounded out the top 5 placing him 6th in the final point standings.

Next on the docket was the 20-lap Crate-1Sportsman event.  Nine different drivers were vying for one championship.  Only 15 points separated the top 5 drivers so it was anyone’s crown to win.  Dan Mazy, who entered the night 8th in points started 6th and wasted no time as ‘Racer X’ blasted to the front grabbing the lead on lap 2.  A lap 2 caution for Bobby Dmuchowski (front end damage) ended any chances for his championship bid….Dmuchowski entered the night 6th in points and wound up 10th.

Point leader Gabe Fox tried to use his mid-pack starting position of 9th to the best of his advantage, but he had no friends on this night as everyone was hungry for the win or championship.  Heavy contact between Fox, John Aumick, and Joe Dill took the fans breath away, as the field went five-wide heading into turn 1.  At the half-way point, Mazy had stretched out his lead over Jimmy Spellmon and Chris Allen Jr.  Fox had fallen to 13th just behind Bryan Kuhl and Jon Haegele who were both 2nd and 3rd in points while 4th and 5th place point men Kyle Borror and Jim Housworth were working their way to the front.  Three laps later Housworth was the first car to break from the five-car pack as he was in hot pursuit of the championship.  Kyle Borror went for it all as he dove underneath Housworth in turns 3 and 4, only to have Kuhl join the fray trying to make it three-wide for the championship as they were racing for 5th position.  Kuhl was the odd man out as he spun his No. 37 thus ending his night and championship dreams.  Lining the field up to the last completed lap put Housworth back in front of Borror which was extremely crucial since whoever finished ahead of the other would win the title.  As Mazy easily cruised home for his 3rd win of the season Housworth was able to withstand Borror’s challenges as he came all the way from 5th in points to be the champion.

Spellmon and Allen trailed Mazy, who’s win propelled him to a 5th place finish in the points, at the finish line while Housworth and Rob Stump completed the top 5.  Borror’s 6th place finish earned him runner-up in the point chase.  Defending champion Jon Haegele had a quiet night finishing 8th, but it was good enough to finish 3rd in points.  Point leader Gabe Fox finished 12th giving him a 4th place spot in the points.  Unfortunately Bryan Kuhl, who had led the points with only two races remaining, would up falling to 7th in points due to his 19th place finish.

Just like the Sportsman division, the Outlaw Stock points battle was solely between two young men…Point leader P.J. Oliver, who held a 10 marker advantage, and leading feature winner of 2010, John Carpenter.  It was simple for Oliver as he had could let Carpenter finish ahead of him, but only by one spot…no cars in between!  The 20-lap feature looked very much to be to Oliver’s liking early on, as after only one lap was in the books he was already 4th while Carpenter rode in 7th.  As Oliver tried to wrestle the lead away from Jay Saredy on lap 4, Dan Collamer stunned both drivers as he drove around the outside to take the lead.  Everything seemed in order for Oliver, as at the halfway point the scoreboard read Collamer, himself, Marty Derr, Shanon Mongeau, Saredy, and then Carpenter.  Then things started to change in a hurry as Carpenter dug deep down and mustered up the strength to drive by everyone in his way including P.J.  The table was now set for a grand finale as Carpenter was stalking Collamer unbelievably as the field received the 5 to go signal.  Oliver could not keep up with the front duo and suddenly found a new best friend in Dan Collamer, in hopes that his No. 42 would win the race relegating Carpenter to a 2nd place finish.

A late race caution on lap 18 negated a Carpenter pass for the lead and the championship which consequently then set up the two most dramatic laps turned all season at NES.  Green…White…Checkered was now the script but no one and I mean no one could have foreseen what was about to happen over the final two laps.  As Carpenter salivated at the thoughts of passing Collamer for the lead and title, chaos was going on behind him.  Vern McLaughlin dove hard inside Oliver in turn 4 coming for the white flag pushing the two up the track, letting Derr and Mongeau join the party.  The four cars took the white flag 4-wide with Oliver stuck on the far outside.  As they exited turn 2, contact between Mongeau and Oliver found both of them slamming the outside guardrail.  Oliver’s hopes were shattered instantly….or were they?  While all that was happening, Carpenter and Collamer made contact for the lead in turn 3 which resulted in Carpenter’s No. 82 receiving a flat tire.

Collamer cruised home for his first victory of the season, leaping him to 5th in the final point standings as the remaining 5 cars freight trained Carpenter to the finish line.  Carpenter was the last car to cross the finish line in 7th.  Oliver and Mongeau weren’t able to finish the race thus giving Oliver an 8th place finish!  Oliver was able to drive away from his accident and visit victory lane as the 2010 track champion by a slim 6 point advantage.  “To not even finish the race and win the championship is unbelievable…I’m lost for words,” as Oliver excitedly spoke.  The finish was so close and confusing almost everyone in the place didn’t even know, just who the track champion really was!

The FASTRAK Late Models concluded their inaugural season at New Egypt with their usual two 12-lap main events.  Several first-time invaders were in the field, as DE’s Mike Wharton held off DIS 2010 track champion Donald Lingo, for his first career win at NES.  It was a complete Delaware sweep of the podium as Kelly Putz finished 3rd.  Darin Henderson and Tony Giglio completed the top 5.

In the second 12-lap event Henderson completed 2010 with a clean sweep.  Henderson, who makes the 2 hour plus tow from his Maryland home, is a mechanical engineering student at Clemson University, couldn’t have been any happier as he stood in victory lane after his 5th win of the season.  “I’m just happy to be racing here at New Eygpt Speedway in my late model.  I know Jersey is a modified state but believe me late models are the way to go,” expressed the young student.  Finishing behind Henderson was Steve Davis (who finished 3rd in points), Skip Syester, Lingo, and Giglio (who finished runner-up in points).

In their third appearance of the season the Wall Stadium Factory Stocks had yet another entertaining and wild feature.  Paul Gasko was the early leader before spinning on lap 5 handing the lead over to last week’s winner Rob Longo.  Longo, Whitey Miller, and week one winner Shanon Mongeau went three-wide for the lead with Mongeau ending up spinning in turn 4.  Pat Hires came out of nowhere to grab the lead with only three laps remaining and looked like he would be the night’s victor, only to have a tire go flat on the last lap.  Whitey Miller was the lucky recipient of inheriting the lead and held on for the win.  Longo, Mongeau, Bill Connolly, and Chris Felber completed the top 5.

Next Saturday night, Sept. 25, New Egypt Speedway presents Championship Night for the Modifieds sponsored by C&S Equipment.  Defending track champion Rick Laubach holds a 27 point margin over all-time feature winner Billy Pauch.  The only twist to this year’s finale is that there are two races instead of one.  Twin 20’s will headline the program as these two drivers lead a star-studded field which includes Keith Hoffman, Bob Drayton, Jimmy Horton, David VanHorn, Frank Cozze and many many more drivers.  The popular ARDC wingless midgets will also make their second appearance of 2010.  The Crate-1 Sportsman will race for an increased purse (top 5 positions) and the Wall Factory Stocks will round out the program.  Gates open at 4:00 p.m. with the first race starting at 6:00 pm. For more information, call the speedway office at (609) 758-1900 or log on to www.newegyptspeedway.net.

9/18/10 RESULTS

Heat 1: 1. Bill Lester  2. Alan Bleacher  3. Dave Hunt  4. Chad Barney  5. Rayn Beltz  6. Gene Stravinsky
Heat 2: 1. Marc Herman  2. Ryan Simmons  3. George Quinlan  4. Randy Yaple  5. Kevin Vaclavicek  6. Richie Cass Sr.
Heat 3: 1. Mike Lyons  2. Rocco Infante  3. John Cornell III  4. Bob Lineman Jr.  5. J.T. Trstensky  6. Clay Butler
Consi: 1. Mike Howardson  2. Will Dupree  3. Frankk Venezia  4. Mike Butler  5. Jeff Marcucci  6. Todd Zuromski

Feature (20 Laps): 1. Mike Lyons 2. Bob Lineman Jr. 3. Marc Herman 4. Kevin Vaclavicek 5. Gene Stravinsky 6. Randy Yaple 7. Clay Butler 8. Will Dupree 9. Ryan Beltz 10. Ryan Simmons 11. Dave Hunt 12. Rocco Infante 13. J.T. Trstensky 14. Alan Bleacher 15. George Quinlan 16. Frank Venezia 17. Mike Butler 18. Chad Barney 19. Jeff Marcucci 20. Bill Lester 21. Mike Howardson 22. Todd Zuromski 23. Richie Cass Sr. 24. John Cornell III
DNQ:  Walt Larson, EverettTaylor, Harris Kohen, Dave Damiano, Andrew Reeves, Jimmy Watts, Jason Kosch, Erik Renninger, Robin McTighe.

Heat 1: 1. Jim Housworth 2. Bill Martino 3. Chris Allen Jr. 4. Gabe Fox 5. Jimmy Spellmon 6. Justin Griffith
Heat 2: 1. Jarrett Rozycki 2. John Aumick 3. Dan Mazy 4. Joe Dill 5. Jon Haegele 6. John Micek
Heat 3: 1. Ron Barnstead 2. Bryan Kuhl 3. Bobby Dmuchowski 4. Rob Stump 5. Kyle Borror 6. Scott Hyland
Consi: 1. Harry Marlin 2. Chris Allen Sr. 3. Tim Paul 4. Brian Papiez 5. Riche Steele Jr. 6. Scott Cranstoun

Feature (20 Laps): 1. Dan Mazy 2. Chris Allen Jr. 3. Jimmy Spellmon 4. Jim Housworth 5. Rob Stump 6. Kyle Borror 7. John Micek 8. Jon Haegele 9. Bill Martino 10. Brian Papiez 11. Tim Paul 12. Gabe Fox 13. Harry Marlin 14. Ron Barnstead 15. Chris Allen Sr. 16. Joe Dill 17. Rich Steele Jr. 18. Scott Cranstoun 19. Bryan Kuhl 20. Jarrett Rozycki 21. Justin Griffith 22. Scott Hyland 23. John Aumick 24. Bobby Dmuchowski

DNQ:  Doug Debray, Steve Hicks, Jordan Cox, Dan Stout, Danny Roslin, Matt Vaillancourt, Bob Rambone, Tom Raneri.

Heat 1: 1. John Carpenter 2. Jesse McLaughlin 3. Brian Ludwig 4. Jarrod Burdge 5. P.J. Oliver 6. Shanon Mongeau
Heat 2: 1. Jason Saredy 2. Spider Ensinger Sr. 3. Dan Collamer 4. Vern McLaughlin 5. Marty Derr 6. Billy Wroble

Feature (20 Laps): 1. Dan Collamer 2. Marty Derr 3. Vern McLaughlin 4. Brian Ludwig 5. Scott Dugan 6. Jarrod Burdge 7. John Carpenter 8. P.J. Oliver 9. Shanon Mongeau 10. Dennis Seeley 11. Spider Ensinger Sr. 12. Howie Conk 13. Jason Saredy 14. Tom Princiotta 15. Tony Klimeczak 16. Billy Wroble 17. Jesse McLaughlin 18. Mick Search
DNS: Jesse McLaughlin

Feature-1 (12 Laps): 1. Mike Wharton 2. Donnie Lingo Jr. 3. Kelly Putz 4. Darin Henderson 5. Tony Giglio  6. Steve Davis 7. Skip Syester 8. Alicia Young 9. Rob Ormsbee

Feature-2 (12 Laps): 1. Darin Henderson 2. Steve Davis 3. Skip Syester 4. Donnie Lingo Jr. 5. Tony Giglio 6. Alicia Young 7. Mike Wharton 8. Kelly Putz
DNS: Rob Ormsbee

Feature (15 Laps): 1. Whitey Miller 2. Rob Longo 3. Shanon Mongeau 4. Bill Connolly 5. Chris Felber 6. Ron Mullen 7. No. 28 8. Pat Hires 9. Rick Latza 10. No. 22 11. John Gasko 12. Paul Hartwig 13. Tim O’Shea 14. No. 86

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