Tim Fitzpatrick, Kramer, TJ Fitpatrick, Andrew Fayash III are the Crazy 8 Roadrunner winners, Hendricks, Kressley and Laubach all visit Victory Lane Friday Evening at Big Diamond Speedway

Date: 6/27/2015 6:24:46 PM

Tim Fitzpatrick, Kramer, TJ Fitpatrick, Andrew Fayash III  are the Crazy 8 Roadrunner winners, Hendricks, Kressley and Laubach all visit Victory Lane Friday Evening at Big Diamond Speedway


Minersville, PA June 26, 2015 


The  Lias Tire 358 Modified Feature sported Justin Grim and Colt Harris on the front row for the start of their 25 lap feature event.  Grim would take the early lead, followed by Harris.  Grim would begin a dominating run as he pulled away from the rest of the pack.  Behind him the battle between Craig VonDohren, Rick Laubach and Duane Howard began to heat up as the three drivers would be battling not only amongst themselves but working on gaining ground on the leader.   Lap 18 would be when Laubach would pull around Grim for the top spot, and leaving Grim with his hands full as he battled Howard. VonDohren and Billy Pauch to keep a top 5 finish possible.   In the end, it would Duane Howard finishing in the runner up spot, followed by Craig VonDohren, Billy Pauch Jr. and Justin Grim rounding out the top 5.  The GME Hard Charger Award was earned by Rick Laubach for starting 11th and winning for a gain of 11 positions.  The heats were won by Shawn Fitzpatrick, Justin Grim and Ray Swinehart.


The Savage 61 Roadrunners would be in the spotlight as they were running their crazy 8 feature events.  There were no qualifiers to be run, as the Roadrunners would run 4 separate 8 lap feature events, all carrying full feature points, and those points and good finishes could really help a team gain positions in the points standings.  The first feature was lined up by a random  draw by the drivers and Terry Kramer Jr. and Joe Kavanaugh drew the front row to start off the night.  Kramer would take command of the first race and despite the hard charging efforts of Jim Kost and Elvin Brennan, Kramer would win the first 8 lap battle. Elvin Brennan, Jeremy Becker and Shon Elk rounded out the top five finishers.  The second feature was lined up with the top 8 finishers in the first event being inverted.  This would put Tim Fitzpatrick and Andrew Fayash III on the front row to start the 2nd of the 4 features.  Fitpatrick would pull ahead and despite how hard Fayash would try, the Victory would go to Fitzpatrick. Elvin Brennan would finish third followed by Jeremy Becker and Shon Elk. The third feature had the top 7 finishers from the second feature inverted for the start, putting TJ Fitpatrick and Terry Kramer Jr in charge of bringing the field to the green flag to start the race.  Fitzpatrick would jump out from in the top spot followed by Shon Elk.  Elk would soon feel the pressure from Jeremy Becker, but would be able to hold Becker.  At the finish line it would be TJ Fitzpatrick followed by  Shon Elk, Elvin Brennan and Andrew Fayash III.  The final feature of the night for the Roadrunners had the top 6 finishers from the third feature event inverted.  Jeremy Becker and Andrew Fayash III would bring the field to the green flag to start the final event of the evening.  A fierce battle between Fayash and Chris Holland would follow and it came down to the final lap when Holland began to wobble going into turn 1 and by the time the field had made it to turn 2, Holland was facing the wrong direction, but the yellow never came out, and Fayash would come across the finish line in the top spot and visit Victory Lane for the second week in a row.  Jeremy Becker was second followed by Devin Trexler, Jim Kost and Elvin Brennan.  The Red White and Blue Autos Hard Luck award was awarded to Bruce Ditzler


The USS Achey Sportsman were back in action Friday evening at Big Diamond took to the track for two separate feature events. Chad Putalavage would bring the field to the green along side of TJ Fitpatrick.  Hendrick would work his way to the top spot and would hold off the challenges from Shawn Fitzpatrick and Craig Whitmoyer in order to pick up another win and visit the Red White and Blue Autos Victory Lane.  Hendricks would pick up the win followed by Tim Fitzpatrick, Craig Whitmore, Kris Lilick and Chad Putalavage.  The Kim’s Creations Hard Luck award would go to Kris Lilick who was unable to continue after he was caught up in an accident on lap 14  and the GME Hard Charger goes to Chad Putalavage for gaining 17 spots after starting 24th and finish gin in the 5th place.  The second feature of the evening for the Sportsman boasted a front row of Doug Hendricks and Shawn Fitpatrick. Hendricks would jump out to the top spot, but Craig Whitmoyer was leading the way by the third lap.  Brett Kressley would be right on Whitmoyer’s heels and ready to strike, and did so on lap 16. Kressley cross the checkers first followed by Whitmoyer, Mike Mammana, Tim Fitzpatrick and Shawn Light.  The GME Hard Charger for that race goes to Charles Webber for a gain of 16 spots to finish in 8th place after starting 24.


Coming events:


Coming up on Friday July 3 will be the Georgie Stevenson Memorial race where the Modifieds will be running a 35 lap feature event paying $4,000 to win and $300 just to take the green in the feature event.  There will also be a Cash Dash for the Lias Tires 358 Modifieds presented by Mark’s Service Center.  The USS Achey Sportsman will be competing for $1,000 in their feature event that evening.  The Savage 61 Roadrunners and 600cc Modifieds will join in on the fun.  There will be a great fireworks display for families to enjoy and celebrate our Nations Birthday.  General Admission for this event will be $25 and children 12 and under and active military with ID are admitted for free.


ACTIVE military members receive FREE admission into every race, but beginning this Friday, June 26, all Veterans of our military who have military ID, will receive a FREE meal ticket at each race.  Veterans will need an official military ID to receive their meal ticket, which is good for one hot dog, one slice of pizza AND one drink. The Veteran Meal Ticket will be given to them when they purchase their admission tickets as long as proper ID is provided.



Gates Open at 5:45 PM with Warm ups starting at 7:45 and racing getting underway at 8:15.


For more information, please visit the tracks Facebook Fan Page at www.facebook.com/bigdiamondspeedway or on the web at www.bigdspeedway.com




Full Results:


Lias Tire 358 Modified Feature Results - 1. Rick Laubach 2. Duane Howard 3. Craig VonDohren 4. Billy Pauch Jr. 5. Justin Grim 6. Ryan Watt 7. Jared Umbenhauer 8. Colt Harris 9. John Willman 10. Ray Swinehart 11. Kyle Follweiler 12. Kevin Beach Jr. 13. Mike Gular 14. Scott Albert 15. Andrew Krause 16. Andy Burkhart 17. Bobby Gunther Walsh 18. Eric Biehn 19. Mario Dinatale 20. Patrick Gold 21. Shawn Fitzpatrick 22. Meme DeSantis 23. Dan Hineline 24. Heath Metzger 25. Jimmy Bobbit Jr. 26 Paul Moyer


Savage 61 Roadrunners Feature Results- 1. Terry Kramer Jr. 2. Jim Kost 3. Elvin Brennan 4. Jeremy Becker 5. Shon Elk 6. Jesse Krasnitsky 7. Andrew Fayash III 8. Tim Fitzpatrick 9. Chris Holland 10. Joe Kavanaugh 11. TJ Fitzpatrick 12. Devin Trexler 13. Bruce Ditzler 14. Dave Long Jr. 15. Chris Natale 16. Bill Killian 17. Jon Schlauch 18. Kris Ney


Savage 61 Roadrunners Feature Results- 1. Tim Fitzpatrick 2. Andrew Fayash III 3. Elvin Brennan 4. Jeremy Becker 5. Shon Elk 6. Terry Kramer Jr. 7. TJ Fitzpatrick 8. Devin Trexler 9. Chris Holland 10. Bruce Ditzler 11. Jon Schlauch 12. Joe Kavanaugh 13. Kris Ney 14. Jim Kost 15. Jesse Krasnitsky 16. Dave Long Jr. 17. Chris Natale   DNS- Bill Killian


Savage 61 Roadrunners Feature Results- 1. TJ Fitzpatrick 2. Shon Elk 3. Elvin Brennan 4. Chris Holland 5. Andrew Fayash III 6. Jeremy Becker 7. Tim Fitzpatrick 8. Terry Kramer Jr. 9. Jim Kost 10. Devin Trexler 11. Chris Natale 12. Joe Kavanaugh 13. Jon Schlauch 14. Kris Ney 15. Jesse Krasnitsky  DNS- Bruce Ditzler, Bill Killian and Dave Long Jr.


Savage 61 Roadrunners Feature Results- 1.  Andrew Fayash III 2. Jeremy Becker 3. Devin Trexler 4. Jim Kost 5. Elvin Brennan 6. TJ Fitzpatrick 7. Terry Kramer Jr. 8. Shon Elk 9. Joe Kavanaugh 10. Chris Natale 11. Jon Schlauch 12. Chris Holland 13. Tim Fitzpatrick DNS Jesse Krasnitsky, Kris Ney, Bruce Ditzler,, Bill Killian and Dave Long Jr.


USS Achey Sportsman Feature Results (rained out event from June 12)  - 1. Doug Hendricks 2. Tim Fitzpatrick 3. Craig Whitmoyer 4. Kris Lilick 5. Chad Putalavage 6. Wayne Witmer 7. Mike Lisowski 8. Billy Moyer Jr. 9. Shawn Light 10. Mike Glass 11. Charles Webber 12. Charles Fayash 13. AJ Gerhart 14. Daryl Dissinger 15. Glenn Rowan 16. Todd Huffman 17. Matt Clay 18. Jack Butler 19. Kevin Brady 20. Mike Mammana 21. Billy Wingle Jr. 22. Josh Hertzog 23. Ed Mirocho 24. Jeremy Hertzog


USS Achey Sportsman Feature Results - 1. Brett Kressley 2. Craig Whitmoyer 3. Mike Mammana 4. Tim Fitzpatrick 5. Shawn Light 6. Mike Lisowski 7. Kris Lilick 8. Charles Webber 9. Glenn Rowan 10. AJ Gerhart 11. Shawn Light 12. Wayne Witmer 13. Chad Putalavage 14. Ed Mirochko 15. Matt Clay 16. Doug Hendricks 17. Mike Glass 18. Charles Fayash 19. Billy Moyer Jr. 20. Todd Huffman 21. Kevin Brady 22. Daryl Dissinger 23. Josh Hertzog 24. Jeremy Hertzog DNS Jack Butler and Billy Wingle Jr.

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