Ryan Godown wins the Jack Rich Inc. Coalcracker 72, Kost and Carter also earn victories Sunday Evening at Big Diamond Speedway

Date: 9/7/2015 9:27:10 AM

Ryan Godown wins the Jack Rich Inc. Coalcracker 72, Kost and Carter also earn victories Sunday Evening at Big Diamond Speedway

Minersville, PA September 6, 2015 

The fans packed the stands for the Jack Rich Coalcracker Inc. night at Big Diamond Speedway.  The 358 Modifieds were racing for a $10,000 pay check and joining them were the Savage 61 Roadrunners and the Excel 600 Modifieds.  The feature starting lineup was set by a draw for the top 12 heat winners.  Danny Bouc and Colt Harris would draw the front row starting spots for the big event and bring the field to the green.  Bouc would take over the top spot with Harris on his heels.  The caution would fly for the first time on the 7th lap when Tommy Scheetz, Craig VonDohren and Ryan Krachun would tangle together.  The field would be reset and Bouc would now be challenged by Billy Pauch, who was feeling the pressure of Rick Laubach.  Laubach would take over the top spot on lap 14 and Bouc would now have Ryan Godown breathing down his back challenging him for the runner up spot.  Godown would get around Bouc and set his sights on Laubach for the lead.  Godown and Laubach would battle it out and on lap 25 Godown would be able to take over the top spot.  On lap 40 the caution would fly so that the teams could refuel their cars, the restart would see Godown and Laubach battle it out to the checker flag, and Godown would be able to take home the win and the $10,000 paycheck, despite driving the final laps with a broken right front shock.  Laubach would finish second followed by Duane Howard, Jeff Strunk and Ryan Watt.   The heats were won by Duane Howard, Rick Laubach, John Willman and Tommy Scheetz.  The consolations were won by Bobby Trapper and Ryan Watt.  

The Savage 61 Roadrunners were ready to rumble for their last race of the year.  Joey Brennan and Andy Fayash III would bring the field to the green flag for their final 25 lap feature of the 2015 season.  Fayash would quickly jump out in front and have to hold off Brennan who was working on holding off Tim Fitzpatrick.  Fitzpatrick would get around Brennan for the runner up spot and begin to chase down Fayash.  The caution would fly on lap 8 when Shawn Muhall would spin and then it would fly again for more issues on the restart.  The field would get back to racing and Fayash would once again take over the lead but this time he had 2015 Points Champion Chris Holland right behind him, trying every move he could to take over the top spot.  Before long, Terry Kramer added his name to the mix and the three of them would have a fierce battle for the win.  On the last lap, Fayash would slow coming down the back stretch and Holland would pass him for the lead and cross the finish line first, Kramer would finish in the runner up spot, followed by Jeremy Becker, Devin Trexler and Kris Ney.  Fayash would coast across the finish line in 7th place after he blew a whole in his oil pan.  It was noted that this would be the last race for the # 157 tribute car to Fayash’s father and brother. The heats were won by Terry Kramer and Andy Fayash III. 

The Excel 600 Modifieds had another great turn out for their night of racing at Big Diamond Speedway.  Defending race winner Richie Hitzler and DJ Hunt would start on the front row for their 20 lap feature event and bring the field to the green.  Hitzler would quickly jump out in front, but Skylar Sheriff took over the lead on the 5th lap and from their Hitzler began to fad back in the pack.  Sherif would have to deal with Brian Carber who was able to become the leader after a restart on lap 11 and Carber had to hold off the challenges of Aaron Bowes.  Bowes wold have his hands full with Josh Pepe, who started 15th, and Pepe would be able to get around Bowes and chance down the leader.  Pepe would run out of time and at the Checkers it would be Carber for the win followed by Pepe, Tim VanHorn Jr., Aaron Bowes and Nathan Brinker.  The heats were won by DJ Hunt, Skylar Sheriff and Brian Carber.  

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Full Results:

Lias Tire 358 Modified Jack Rick Coalcracker 72 Feature Results - 1.Ryan Godown 2. Rick Laubach 3. Duane Howard 4. Jeff Strunk 5. Ryan Watt 6. Billy Pauch Jr. 7. Danny Bouc 8. Doug Manmiller 9. BobbyVarin 10. John Willman 11. Shawn Ward 12. Kevin Beach Jr. 13. Bobby Trapper 14. Justin Grim 15. Jared Umbenhauer 16. Craig VonDohren 17. Kyle Follweiler 18. Shawn Fitzparick 19. Bobby Gunther Walsh 20. Mike Kellner 21. Scott Albert 22. Colt Harris 23. Ryan Krachun 24. Tommy Scheetz 25. Addison Meitzler  DNQ - Meme DeSantis, Andy Burkhart, Danny Creeden, Brian Galiardo, Dale Hartz, Rusty Smith, Tim Buckwalter, Jarrad Miller, Lou Cicconi, Paul Moyer, Jimmy Horton, Frank Cozze, Steve Young, Jim Bobbit, Dominic Buffalino, Jimmy Reppert

Savage 61 Roadrunners Feature Results - 1. Chris Holland 2. Terry Kramer 3. Jeremy Becker 4. Devin Trexler 5. Kris Ney 6. Shon Elk 7. Andy Fayash III 8. Tim Spesak 9. Fred Everly 10. Bruce Ditzler 11. Jim Kost 12.  Shawn Mulhall 13. Luke Arbogast 14. Joey Brennan 15. Tim Fitzpatrick Jr. 16. Elvin Brennan 17. TJ Kennedy 18. Andrew Buchinski

Xcel 600 Modifieds Feature Results - 1. Brian Carter 2. Josh Pepe 3. Tim VanHorn Jr. 4. Aaron Bowes 5. Nathan Brinker 6. Richie Hitzler 7. Michael Burrows 8. Jonathan Jasko 9. Dakota Barlet 10. Shawna Schibilia 11. Brian Blakenbiller 12. Bryan Car 13. Wyatt Harrar 14.Billy Koch 15. Julie Tich 16. Kory Inglin 17. Skylar Sheriff 18. Barry Breidegan 19. Chris Eckert 20. Tyler James 21. Travis Fichter 22. DJ Hunt 23. Tyler Brehm 24. Steve Sterner 25. Kyle Inglin 26. Josh Bewley

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