600cc Sprints Entry list Confirmed for Grandview Tuesday, August 12

Date: 8/7/2008 11:43:56 AM

600 Sprint Entries for Grandview Speedway Tuesday, August 12
Race time 7:30 PM

600cc Sprints (Entries to draw on race night) :  2 Heath Hehnly, 2R Ryan
Smith, 2S Stephanie Stevens, 4 Bob Devault, 5 Tom Kohler, 7H Bill
Thomas,   8C Brian Carber, 9 Stewart Carmichael, 10 Jamie Kostic,  10X
Jerry Schoff Jr., 19M Brent Marks, 22 Jason VonDohren,   25 Shaun
Brandel, 02 Jeff Hartman, 35 Lex Bruke, 37B Brett Michalski, 42 Matt
Pupello, 55 Robbie Kendall, 55L Shane Lewis, 69s Doug Snyder,  70 Eddie
Wagner, 51 Kevin Steele, 86 Alex Bright, 81 Drew Richmond, 5X Doug
Manmiller,    (The starting field for the 600cc Sprints will be
determined with an open draw)

Top Wing- -Single Air Foil Max 12  sq ft.
                 24" Max Side panel height
Engine Stock Stroke only MAX 637cc
Wheels & Tires 10" max wheel diameter
Fuel shut off valve & kill switch must be visable
and clearly marked.
Fuel-proof underwear, headsock, 2 layer
suits highly recommended.
Arm restraints, neck collar

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