VonDohren, Bitner, Morrow, Kostic and Stein Share Victories in Grandview THUNDER 5-25's Tuesday Night At Grandview

Date: 8/13/2008 10:57:46 AM

VonDohren, Bitner, Morrow, Kostic and Stein Share Victories in Grandview
THUNDER 5-25's  Tuesday Night At Grandview

The NAPA Auto Parts Thunder on the Hill Racing Series returned to action
at the Grandview Speedway on Tuesday night with the popular Grandview
THUNDER 5-25's.  This five division, five feature show saw Craig
VonDohren win the 358 Modified feature as Mark Bitner won the URC
feature, Josh Morrow was the winner of  the Rolling Thunder Legends main
event,  Jamie Kostic won the 600cc sprint feature with Dillon Stein
winning the 600cc Modified  feature.  In total, one-hundred and fifteen
race cars took part in the five feature program in chase of a  $30,000
purse.  The show started promptly at 7:30 PM and was completed just
before 10:30 PM.

In the 25 lap Modified feature, Jason Hamilton was the early race
leader, holding off Terry Meitzler.  Craig VonDohren of Oley, PA moved
into third on lap three and began to chase down the leaders.  On lap
six, Meitzler moved into the lead position and held the top spot until
lap thirteen when VonDohren took the lead.  A late race caution flag
offered Terry Meitzer a run to regain the lead but VonDohren was up to
the challenge and remained the pace setter.

VonDohren took the win followed by Terry Meitzler, Kerry Kratz, Kevin
Hirthler and Duane Howard made up the top five.

The URC sprints delivered another high quality field and the theme of
this twenty-five lap feature was passing.    At the drop of the green
flag, twenty URC sprints charged into turn one and before the first lap
was completed, the red was displayed when Gary Gollub flipped in turn
one.  Gollub was not injured, but his car was badly damaged and unable
to compete.  On the restart, Jason Clauss took the lead followed by
Kramer Williamson and Mark Bitner.

Once again the red flag was displayed, this time for Danny Massey who
took a violent flip in turn two on lap three.  Massey was taken to the
hospital for a check-up but at the time of this writing, we had no
further updates.  Dave Ely was in a tangle with another car at the same
time of the Massey crash and the familiar #75 went pit side.  Ely
restarted the race in last.  But this was not last we were going to hear
from Ely.

When green flag racing resumed, Jason Clauss was setting the pace with
Kramer Williamson in second and Mark Bitner third.   On lap eleven, the
caution was displayed again when mechanical problems brought the Kramer
Williamson sprinter to a stop in turn three.   On the restart, Bitner
challenged Clauss and became the new leader as Ed Aikin followed in
third.  Michael Carber who started in the fifteenth spot was racing in
fourth on lap twelve followed by Davey Sammons.   Joey Biasi who started
tenth, squeaked his way into fifth by lap fourteen.   Also on a charge
was the BPG sprinter of Chris Coyle who moved into fourth on lap

With just five laps remaining, Biter was the pace-setter over Jason
Clauss, Chris Coyle, Michael Carber and Ed Aikin.   In the closing laps,
Coyle caught Clauss and they both began to close in on the leader.
Bitner took the win followed by Jason Clauss, Chris Coyle, Michael
Carber and fifth went to Dave Ely who went to the rear of the twenty-car
field and re-bounded to finish fifth.

The Rolling Thunder Legends put on a great show in their twenty-five
feature event.   Frank Polimeda held the leader for the first fourteen
laps with Josh Morrow taking the lead on lap eighteen.  Morrow soon felt
the pressure of Jason Rochelle who was running in the runner-up spot.
Late in the race, Doug Manmiller made a charge to third but ran short of
time to challenge for the win.  With the checker flag waiving, Josh
Morrow took the win over Jason Rochelle, Doug Manmiller, Pat McDermott
and Rodney Kistler.

Also on the program were the 600cc Sprint cars.  In their 25 lap test,
Jamie Kostic  set their pace for the entire twenty-five laps.     Shaun
Brandel was in the runner-up spot  through lap five with Bob Devault in
third.    Devault moved into second on lap six and went to work on
chasing down the leader.  Kostic ran a flawless race maintaining a
comfortable lead and taking the victory with Devault second, Shaun
Brandel third, Tom Kohler fourth and Doug Manmiller fifth.

In the 600cc Modifieds,  Mark Schaffer gunned into the early lead of the
twenty-five lap feature.    By lap four, Eric Whitbe took the top spot.
Whitbe continued to lead with Schaffer in the chase.  Also on the move
was Dillon Stein who was racing in third on lap seven.   As the field
passed on lap fifteen, Stein was in second.  Also on a run was Doug
Manmiller who was racing in the top five.    With just two laps to go
Stein took the lead and ran to hide for the final two laps.  Doug
Manmiller finished second followed by Eric Whitbe, Butch Getz and Ryan

Doug Manmiller managed to compete in four of the five features on
Tuesday night.  In the Legends Car feature, Manmiller finished third, in
the 600 Modifieds he rallied home in second place and in the 600cc
Sprints,  Manmiller finished  fifth.  Manmiller also competed in the
twenty-five lap   358 Modified feature where he finished thirteenth.
Grandview THUNDER 5-25's Feature Finishes:

Rolling Thunder Legends 25 Laps- #29 Josh Morrow, #148 Jason Rochelle,
#17R Doug Manmiller, #46 Pat McDermott, #99 Rodney Kistler, #37 Brian
Weitzel, #89 Tim Bauer, #O Paul McCollum, #48 Randy Kissinger, #769
Steve Nederostek, #53 Bill Diehl, #16jr. TJ Mayberry, #77R Frank
Polimeda, #611 Justin Grim, #M1 Todd McCollum, #5 Scott Houdeshell, #R3
Paul Rochelle, #12J Clint Penkaukas, #63 John Shirk, #890 Dave Bauer.

600cc Sprints 25 Laps- #10 Jamie Kostic, #4 Bob Devault, #25 Shaun
Brandel, #5 Tom Kohler, #5x Doug Manmiller, #026 Jeff Hartman, #2 Heath
Hehenly, #22 Jason VanDohren, #35 Lex Burrit, #55 Robbie Kendall, #55L
Shane Lewis, #42 Matt Dupello, #70 Eddie Wagner, #81 Drew Richmond, #88
Brenden Bright, #8C Brian Carber, #10S Jerry Schott,Jr., # 2S Stephanie
Stevens, #7H Bill Thomas, #47 Stewart Carmichael, #2R Ryan Smith, #19M
Brent Marks, #51 Kevin Steele, #18 Jake Murphy, #86 Alex Bright.

600cc Modifieds  25 Laps- #2S Dillon Stein, #4JRX Doug Manmiller, #12E
Eric Whitbe, #4Jr. Butch Getz, #16 Ryan Higgs, #35K Mike Keppler, #82
Cody Coons, #G1 Kyle Gardner, #64 Aaron Bowes, #61 Mark Schaffer, #22
Joe Fanelli, #85am Tyler Bartile, #14Z Brad Szulewski, #04 Jeromy
Guistwite, #77X Nick Mady, #84 Bob Darde, #55 Mike Pychinka, #48 George
Loux, #15 Dave Baldwin, #44 Chris Stockham, #X Angela Caruso, #00 Brian
Mady, #72 Joe Heinzelman.

URC Sprints 25 Laps- #15 Mark Bitner, #08 Jason Clauss, #4 Chris Coyle,
#92 Michael Carber, #75 Dave Ely, #92A Ed Aikin, #63 Josh Weller, #99
Davey Sammons, #3B Joey Biasi, #16 Brett Schoenly, #88 Rory Janney, #19H
Ryan Bohlke, #121 Judi Bates, #2 Art Liedl, #97 Jimmy Reppert, #36W Jim
Walters, #00 Krammer Williamson, #64K Kyle Purks, #56M Danny Massey, #36
Gary Gollub.

358 NASCAR Modifieds  25 Laps- #1C Craig VonDohren, #81 Terry Meitzler,
#87 Kerry Kratz, #117 Kevin Hirthler, #4 Duane Howard, #88D MeMe
DeSantis, #126 Jeff Strunk, #53 Mike Gular, #R1 Ryan Godown,        #41
Shawn Reimert, #27 Troy Wink, #44 Danny Erb, #14 Doug Manmiller, #71
Jason Smythe, #976 Don Norris, #33 Ray Swinehart, #118 Sean Merkel, #19
Kenny Brightbill, #16 Jason Hamilton, #107 Danny Heiber, #37X Tommy
Sheetz Jr., #6 Ryan Watt, #74W John Willman, #8 Jon Kellner Sr., #19X
Brad Brightbill.

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Grandview Thunder 5-25's  URC Sprints, 358 Modifieds,  ARDC Wingless
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