Date: 10/16/2008 11:46:49 AM


The Grandview THUNDER 5-25's and the Annual House of Thunder
Halloween Party will close out the 2008 season at the Grandview Speedway
on Saturday night, October 18th. In typical Halloween fashion, the
divisions on this program will be the Nasty NASCAR Modifieds, the
Spooky Sprints of URC, the Mischievous Midgets of ARDC, the Ghostly
Legends and the 600cc Monster Modifieds. Each division will compete in
a twenty-five lap feature plus an added treat, the ARDC Wingless
Mischievous Midgets will also compete in a twenty lap feature that is a
make-up from a June rain out. And lets not forget, always a favorite
of the fans is the return of the Garden State Vintage race cars. Plan
to attend the season finale of features only at Grandview Speedway on
Saturday night, October 18.

Gates will open on race night at 4 PM with the first feature
event of the night taking the green flag promptly at 6 PM. General
admission prices are $20 for adults, $5 for children 6-11 and children
under the age of 6 will be admitted FREE. The pit fee is $25 and a
license is not required.

A field of more then one-hundred race cars will compete in the
six feature event program, racing for a total payout to exceed $30,000.
Only the top drivers from each class will be invited to this event, a
program that has become very popular with the race fans.

In true Thunder on the Hill style, there will be plenty of fun
for the race fans. They promise plenty of treats and no tricks, just a
well run show that will spotlight five divisions of dirt track racing
competing in six feature events in one night. The best part of the
night, there is no qualifying, just plenty of feature event racing and
the popular Garden State Vintage race cars.

For the race fans, you are encouraged to dress-up for the
Halloween Party. For those who come in costume, you are always invited
to be part of the joyous victory lane photo with all the nights feature
winners. Thunder on the Hill will again offer the Inside/Out Promotion,
where fans can watch the warm-ups from the infield. Interested? If so,
on race night, just sign up at the Will Call Window by 5 PM.

25 Lap URC Spooky Sprint Feature Line-up: 64K Kyle Purks, 08 Jason
Clauss, 17 Becca Anderson, 89 Robbie Stillwaggon, 92A Ed Aikin, 15 Mark
Bitner, 4 Chris Coyle, 37 JJ Grasso, 3 Dave Ely, 5G Curt Michael, 92
Michael Carber, 16 Brett Schoenly, 56M Danny Massey, 00 Nate Snyder, 16C
Chuck Palmucci, 89G David Gravel, 69 Justin Collett, 36 Gary Gollub, 63
Josh Weller, 56 Randy West, 808 Jamie Bodo, 40 Mike Kostic. (Line-up is
based off Owner Points from the 9/13/2008 point standings - -invert top
12 in points)

25 Lap Nasty NASCAR Modifie Feature Line-up: 53 Mike Gular, 118 Sean
Merkel, 87 Kerry Kratz, 44 Danny Erb, 117 Kevin Hirthler, 81 Terry
Meitzler, 16 Jason Hamilton, 88D MeMe DeSantis, 1-C Craig VonDohren, 14
Doug Manmiller, ( ) Jeff Strunk, 37X Tommy Sheetz Jr., 41 Shawn
Reimert, 67 Jon Kellner Jr., 4 Duane Howard, 16-W John
Willman, ( ) Rick Schaffer, 69 Cliff Quinn, 71 Jason Smythe, 16U Tom
Umbenhauer, 327 Brad Missimer, Provisional 27 Troy Wink, 30 Chris
Esposito, M1 Mark Kratz. (Line-up is based off Driver Points from
9/13/2008 point standings- - Invert top 12 in points)

25 LAP Rolling Thunder Legends Feature Line-up: 63 John Schirk, 89 Tim
Bauer, 16jr TJMayberry, 769 Steve Nederostek, 611 Justin Grim, 37 Brian
Weitzel, 46 Pat McDermott, 48 Randy Kissinger, 148 Jason Rochelle, r3
Paul Rochelle III, 39 Josh Morrow, 99 Rodney Kistler, 12J Clint
Penekaukas, 77R Frank Polimeda, 11 Robert Sobeski, 0 Paul McCollum, M1
Todd McCollum, 27R Tom Mayberry, 799 Ricky Harring, 53JR Buddy Sloade
Jr., 14W Ed Wentz, 17R Doug Manmiller.

25 Lap ARDC Wingless Feature Line-up: 25 Chris Zrinski, 11 Eric
Heydenreich, 99 Scott Zipp, 27 Randy Monroe Jr., 9 Steve Lenig, 20 Carey
Becker, 29 Zack Martini, 12 Drew Heistand, 26 Stephanie Stevens, 14 AJ
Ernesto, 78 Nick Wean, 26 Brett Arndt, 86 Tracy Readinger, 51 P.J.
Gargiulo, 83 Bruce Buckwalter Jr., 0 Steve Buckwalter, 44 Frank
Polimeda, 21 Andy Martin, 55 Steve Craig, 34 Shane Penny, 16 Dave Shirk
84 Jimmy Cammock Jr., 36 Bob Goerner, 64 Brett Conkling, Promotors
Choice 49 Jeff Strunk, 75 Ryan Watt

25 Lap 600cc Modified Feature Line-up: 4JR Butch Getz, 64 Aaron Bowes,
12 Eric Whitebe, 82 Cody Koons, 85 Tyler Bartick, 16 Ryan Higgs, 35 Mike
Keppler, 37 Ryan Suchon, 14 Brad Zalenski, 4JRx Tyler Hayte, 22 Joe
Fanelli, 2S Jeff Paulsoa, 61 Mark Scaffer, 44 Chris Stockham, 2 Brian
Mady, 04 Jeremy Guistwite, 48 George Loux, G1 Kyle Gardner, 15 Dave
Baldwin, 56 Bobby Scherff, 00 Chuck Miller, 9 John Lakatos, 77 Ryan
Kunkle, 72 Joe Heinzeiman, X Roy Miller.

20 Lap ARDC Wingless Midget Feature Line-up: (Make-up from June) 26
Stephanie Stevens, 9 Steve Lenig, 86 Tracy Readinger, 16 Brett Arndt, 21
Andy Martin, 78 Nick Wean, 27 Randy Monroe Jr., 29 Zack Martini, 14 AJ
Ernesto, 51 P.J Gargiulo, 12 Drew Heistand, 11 Eric Heydenreich, 83
Bruce Buckwalter Jr., 75 Ryan Watt, 54 Ryan Smith, 44 Frank Polimeda, 0
Steve Buckwalter, 414 Taylor Malsam, 20 Carey Becker, 99 Scott Zipp, 25,
Chris Zrinski, 00 Greg Robinson II, 16 Dave Shirk, 42 Jack Spence, 5
Paul Kline, 49 Jeff Strunk

House of Thunder Halloween Party
Tentative Order of Events Starting at 6 PM

25 Lap Ghostly Legends Feature
20 Lap Wingless Mischievous Midget Feature
25 Lap 600cc Monster Modified Feature
Nasty NASCAR Modified Warm-ups
URC Spooky Sprint Warm-ups
Garden State Vintage Car Feature
25 Lap Wingless Mischievous Midget Feature
25 Lap Spooky Sprint Feature
25 Lap Nasty NASCAR Modified Feature

For information on Thunder on the Hill, please visit us at: or call: 610-754-7688.
Grandview Speedway is located on Passmore Road, just off Route
100 in Bechtelsville, PA, ten mile north of Pottstown. To MAPQUEST the
track, please use 91 Wilt Road Bechtelsville, PA 19505.

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