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JUNE  1, 2010

Event Re-Named the Jesse Hockett Classic. . . . .

The NAPA Auto Parts Thunder on the Hill Racing Series beat the odds against Mother Nature Tuesday night as the AMSOIL National Sprint Car Series opened their "Eastern Storm" tour  Tuesday night at the Grandview Speedway.   Levi Jones of Olney, IL thrilled the fans after a hard fought battle with Chris Windom that saw the two drivers swap the lead four times on lap twenty-nine before Jones finally had a solid hold on the top spot.  In the final laps, Bryan Clauson and Damion Gardner moved into second and third  and along with Windom, set-up  a four car race for the lead in the last two laps.   Jones took the win, his second in four starts at Grandview and pocketed the $6,000 first place prize.   In the twenty-five lap ARDC wingless midget feature, Steve Buckwalter was the winner over Tim Buckwalter.    A major announcement was made at the official opening of the show, naming this event the Jesse Hockett Classic in 2011 and beyond.   Hockett, the defending winner of the event passed away last week in a non-racing accident in his garage.

With a beautiful sunset in turn three, a field of twenty-five USAC wingless sprint cars competed in time trials with Levi Jones setting fast time and in doing so, established a one lap track record for wingless sprints cars with a time of 13.814.   Three qualifying events were presented with victories going to  Tracy Hines of New Castle, IN, Chris Windom  of Canton, IL and Bryan Clauson of Noblesville, IN.

In the AMSOIL forty lap Jesse Hockett Classic, Chris Windom set the early pace with Bryan Clauson in the hunt.  By lap three, Levi Jones moved into third and began to chase down the leaders.   On lap five, Jones motored into second and now had the task of reeling in Windom who was setting a blistering pace.   The first caution of the event was displayed on lap eleven for Landon Simon.

When racing resumed, Jones had an up close opportunity to challenge for the lead, but Windom was strong and impressive to hold on to the top spot.    As the laps ticked by, Windom began to stretch his lead and it was Jones playing catch-up.    On lap nineteen, the yellow was displayed for J.C. Bland who spun.

The restart saw Windom and Jones go at it again but as the field completed lap twenty, the red flag was displayed, this time for Jerry Coons Jr who flipped violently down the backstretch.  Coons walked away shaken but thankfully, uninjured.

On the restart, Jones took a run at the lead and actually nosed ahead of Windom, but the run down the backstretch saw Windom regain the top spot.   Jones settled into second followed by Bryan Clauson, Tracy Hines and Damion Gardner.   Jones worked the low groove once again and began to reel in the leader.  On lap twenty-nine, Jones took the lead with Windom taking the top spot back again in turn two.  Heading into three, Jones was again the race leader but as the dueling duo reached the start/finish line, Windom was back on top.

Jones once again pulled an exciting slide job to take the lead on lap thirty, this time for good.

Although Jones was the leader, the hunter suddenly became the hunted.    Windom,  Clauson and Gardner were in the chase and reeling in the leader.    On lap thirty-five, the red flag was displayed for Kyle Robbins who flipped wildly in turns three and four.  Robbins walked away uninjured.

The race would now come down to a five lap shoot out and the fans were treated to wild finish.   Jones maintained the lead as the top four drivers could taste victory.     Damion Gardner went to the high groove and moved into third on lap thirty-eight.  For the final two circuits, he battled with Clauson for the runner-up spot with race leader Levi Jones within reach of the second and third place drivers.   Jones did exactly what he had to do the final two laps to earn the win  over Bryan Clauson ,Damion Gardner, Chris Windom and Dave Darland.

Thirty-four ARDC wingless midgets took part in the program with heat race victories going to  P.J. Gargiulo, Tracy Readinger and Steve Buckwalter as Ryan Smith won the consolation event.   In the twenty-five lap ARDC feature,  Jimmy Cammock led the first three laps with  Frank Polimeda taking the top spot on lap four.  Drew Heistand moved into contention along with  Alex Bright.

Deep in the pack, all eyes were watching Steve Buckwalter as he worked his way to the front, racing in fourth on lap seven.   Buckwalter made a two car pass on lap eleven, advancing to second.   Frank Polimeda and Buckwalter were now locked in a heated battle for the lead.  Buckwalter took the top spot on lap eighteen with Polimeda regaining the lost position on lap nineteen.  One lap later, Buckwalter moved back into the lead and stayed there until the drop of the checker flag.   Tim Buckwalter made a late race run and advanced to second as Tracy Reading was third followed by PJ Gargiulo and Alex Bright.

The ARDC midgets also presented a 12 lap Non-winners race with Dusty Heistand taking the victory over Trevor Kobylarz, Ryan Watt, Stephanie Stevens and Chris Zrinski.

USAC  WINGLESS SPRINT FEATURE FINISH  40 LAPS- - - #20 Levi Jones, #2b Bryan Clauson, #71 Damion Gardner, #11 Chris Windom, #39 Dave Darland, #4 Tracy Hines, #67 Henry Clarke, #11w Ricky Williams, #6 Bill Rose, #32 Chase Stockon, #15 Mark Bitner, #74jr JR Berry, #99m Kyle Moody, #65 Johnny Mackinson, #17 Shane Hmiel, #17r Kyle Robbins, #69 Jerry Coons, #63 Josh Weller, #98 JC Bland, #67k Jeff Geiges, #24 Landon Simon,  #17j Jonathan Swanson, #8 Steve Petry

ARDC WINGLESS MIDGET FEATURE FINISH  25 LAPS - - - - #0 Steve Buckwalter, #52 Tim Buckwalter, #2 Tracy Readinger, #51 PJ Gargiulo, #77 Alex Bright, #11 Eric Heydenreich, #34 Ryan Smith, #75 Ryan Watt, #6 Dusty Heistand, #1 Mike Miller, #99 Lou Ciccone, #26 Stephanie Stevens, #54 Billy Pauch Jr., #84 Jimmy Cammock, #20 Carey Becker, #19 Steven Drevicki, #55 Steve Craig, #57 Jason Rice, #91 Donnie Trent, #64 Brett Conkling, #44 Frank Polimeda, #78 Nick Wean, #83 Bruce Buckwalter Jr., #46 Brett Arndt, #12 Drew Heistand, #49 Trevor Kobylarz

Coming Events:
When: Thursday night, June 3    7:30 PM   Gates open at 5:00 PM
Where:  New Egypt Speedway    720 Route 539  New Egypt, NJ  08533 (GPS Friendly address 702 Pinehurst Road)
What:   USAC Wingless Sprints "Eastern Storm Racers Challenge"  $6,000 To Win. . . . Plus BIG Block Modifieds  $3,000 To Win!
Admission: $30  Adults, $10 Children 6-11, Children under 6 Free
Pit Fee:   $35, license is not required
Track #:   609-578-1900
Website: www.newegyptspeedway.net or www.thunderonthehillracingseries.com.

Coming Events:
When: Tuesday night, June 15   7:30 PM   Gates open at 5:00 PM
Where:  Grandview Speedway   43  Passmore Road, Route 100 Bechtelsville, PA  19505, ten mile north of Pottstown, PA
 What:   Super DirtCar Series 100 Lap Traffic Jam "Road Rage with 800 Horse Power Weapons"   Plus Sportsman Invitational & Garden State Vintage Stock Cars
Admission: $22 Adults, $10 Children 6-11, Children under 6 Free
Pit Fee:   $30, license is not required
Track #:   610-754-7688
Website: www.thunderonthehillracingseries.com or www.grandviewspeedway.com.

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