Date: 10/17/2010 8:53:23 AM

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A field of one-hundred and forty-two race cars filled the Grandview Speedway pit area on Saturday night to close out the 2010 NAPA Auto Parts Thunder on the Hill Racing Series.   This event marked the ninety-seventh Thunder on the Hill Racing Series event  and  plans  are already being discussed for the coming 2011 season.   In the Grandview Thunder 5-25' the 358 Modified  feature was won by MeMe DeSantis,  as Kevin Nouse won a thriller over Becca Anderson in the Rislone URC Sprint Feature.   Other winners include Tim Buckwalter winner of the ARDC Midget feature alone with  Kyle Weiss winner of the Sportsman feature as Harlon Leppo  took top honors in the Legend's feature.    Dennis Bailey  won the Vince's Towing Legend Owners Race with  Wayne Weaver taking the win the  Garden State Vintage Stock Car Race.  In the Monster SMASH Demolition  Derby,  Matt Ressler of Leesport, PA was the winner.
The Legends opened the show with the first of five 25 lap feature events.  Rick Miller was the early race leader but Harlon Leppo quickly moved into contention.  Once Leppo took the lead  he was being challenged by Tim Henry and Chad Glatfelter.     Leppo, Henry and Glatfelter then locked up in a heated  battle for the lead that went right down to the wire.   Leppo took the win after some fancy driving with lapped cars as Tim Henry finished second followed by Chad  Glatfelter.
The ARDC Midgets were equally exciting with PJ Gargiulo setting the pace until  lap  eight when Tim Buckwalter took the lead.   Buckwalter remained on point holding the top spot but the challenges were plentiful from the Gargiulo and Buckwalter    Steve Buckwalter made the pass for second and now had to reel in the leader.   With just five laps remaining, Steve Buckwalter was in reach of the leader but with each turn Tim Buckwalter held the top spot.  With the checker flag waiving, Tim Buckwalter took the win over Steve Buckwalter with PJ Gargiulo third, Alex Bright fourth and  Drew Helstand fifth.
The third 25 lap feature of the night showcased the Sportsman.   The feature was another thriller with lots of passing and drama.    Andy Fayash set the pace for the first three laps with  Jared Umbenhauer taking the top spot on lap four.   Brad Grin moved into the picture and the runner-up spot on lap eight.   Before long, fourteenth place started Kyle Weiss was in the hunt.  Weiss advanced from fourth to second with one sweeping pass on lap eleven.    Weiss now had to chase down race leader Jared Umbenhauer.     Weiss was gaining on Umbenhauer slightly with each lap, then on lap twenty,  Umbenhauer came to a stop in turn one, turning  over the lead to Weiss.  On the restart, Weiss now had to contend with Ray Woodall Jr.  and Brad Grim.    Weiss held on to take the win over Ray Woodall, Jr., Brad Grim, Craig Whitmoyer and Brad  Brightbill.
The 358 Modifieds answered the call for their feature  with Billy Pauch Jr., setting the immediate lead at the drop of the green flag.   pauch set the pace for seven laps holding off MeMe DeSantis.   On lap eight, DeSantis took the lead but Pauch fought back  as Kevin Hirthler moved into the hunt.   By lap fifteen, Mike Gular was in the hunt and racing third.    The battle of the race was shaping up for  fifth as Kevin Hirthler,  Jeff Strunk and Ryan  Godown were in the chase.    DeSantis continued to hold off Pauch and Gular to take the win with  Hirthler and Jeff Stunk fifth.
The Rislone URC Sprints were next for their twenty-five lap feature event.   Things got off to a wild start with two cautions, one for Kevin Darling and one for Kramer Williamson who stopped in turn three with a flat tire.   When racing finally resumed, Kevin Nouse was the leader with Becca Anderson and JJ Grasso in the hunt.    Anderson made some challenges for the lead but at the same time, had to keep an eye on JJ Grasso who was looking for an opportunity.     
By lap twelve, Nouse, Anderson and Grasso had their own race going on.    Nouse did a masterful job at the front of the pace.     Two laps later, Nouse, Anderson and Grasso were again locked in an all out battle.   With just five laps remaining,  Anderson again put pressure on for the lead, but Nouse drove a flawless line, running high against the outside wall.   Anderson pulled in on the rear  bumper of Nouse of lap twenty-two, again looking for an opportunity to take the lead.    Third place runner JJ Grasso lost some ground to the leaders but had a comfortable  advantage over Art Liedl and seven time URC Champion Curt Michael.     With the checker flag waiving, Nouse took the victory in the Elmer and Rose Stoltzfus  owned sprinter.  Anderson delivered an impressive second with Grasso third, Liedl fourth and Michael fifth.
Dennis Bailey was the class of the field winning the Vince's Towing Legends Owners Race.   Rod Breitenstein challenged Bailey for the win but with every attempt, Bailey found the quick way through traffic.
Wayne Weaver was the best  of a  twenty-one car field in the Garden State Vintage Stock Car feature event .
Ten cars registered for the SMASHMASTER  Monster Smash Demolition Derby.   The contest took place on the homestretch and when the last car was running, the checker flag fell on Matt Ressler of Leesport, PA.
Grandview 5-25's Feature Finish:
LEGENDS 25 Lap Feature: #15H Harlon Leppo, #94T Tim Henry, #27 Chad Glatfelter, #5 Scott Houdeshell, #611 Justin Grim, #89 Tim Bauer, #35 Brian Weitzel, #44 Scott Gobrecht, #12J Clint Penkauskas, #K9 Mark Roberts, #46 Pat McDermott, #40 Donnie Pifer, #90 Scott Spidle, #45 Andy Whaling, #222 Josh Morrow, #38 Rick Miller, #4 Shane Glatfeller, #74 Greg Burd, #28 Brent Marquis.
ARDC Midget 25 Lap Feature: #52 Tim Buckwalter, #0 Steven Buckwalter, #51 PJ Gargiulo, #77 Alex Bright, #12 Drew Helstand, #54 Billy Pauch, #46 Brett Arndt, #6 Dusty Heistand, #9 Steve Lenig,   #34 Ryan Smith, #91 Donnie Trent, #78 Nick Wean, #01 Steven Bull, #75 Stephanie Stevens.  DNF #84 Jimmy Cammock, #49 Trevor Kobylarz, #11 Eric Heydenreich,  #17 Donnie Hoffman, #99 Frank Polimeda, #55 Steve Craig.  DNS #83 Bruce Buckwalter, Jr.
SPORTSMAN 25 Lap Feature;  #21K Kyle Weiss, #72 Ray Woodall, Jr. #611 Brad Grim, #99 Craig Whitmoyer, #19B Brad Brightbill, #38 Mike Mamanna, #45X Andy Fayash, #14J Joe Funk, #8 Brad Force,  #43M Joe Masiado, #17X Kevin Beach, #51 Erik Renninger, #49 Troy Gibson,  DNF  #T102 Shawn Fitzpatrick, #19U Jared Umbenhauer, #97 Dave Dissinger, #5 Jordan Dreher,  #8Jr. Warren Floyd, #221 Ryan Beltz.
358 MODIFIED 25 Lap Feature:  #88D MeMe DeSantis, #11 Billy Pauch, Jr., #53 Mike Gular, #117 Kevin Hirthler, #41 Jeff Strunk, #357 Ryan Godown, #81 Terry Meitzler, #33 Ray Swineh#115 Brad Missimer, #74W John Willman, #42 Kyle Follweiler, #611 Ryan Grim, #99 Wade Hendrickson, #14K Kenny Gilmore, #R19 Ron Seitman, DNF  #3A Kevin Albert, Jr.,   #58S Shawn Reimert, #39 Todd Smith,  #2 Addison Meitzler, #89 Tommy Sheetz, #1C Craig VonDohren, #976 Don Norris, Jr.
URC 25 lap Feature: #00 Kevin Nouse, #22 Chris Coyle, #99 JJ Grasso, #2 Art Leidl, #5g Curt Michael, #63 Josh Weller, #15 Mark Bitner, #56 Randy West, #89 Robbie Stillwagon, #39 Tim Hogue, #1 Scott Pursell, #47 Tim Higgins,  DNF #47m Bill Unglert, #17j Jonathan Swanson, #21 Trevor Lewis, #9d Kevin Darling, #73 Kramer Williamson.
VINCE'S TOWING LEGENDS OWNER RACE 10 LAPS: #81 Dennis Bailey, #14 Rod Breitenstein, #39 Skip Smith, #611 Gary Grim, #7 Jerry Christman, #89 Ron Wilson, #71 Tim Reid, #41 Vince Gagliardo,   #51 Wayne Renninger, #9 Terry Hafer, #14D Harvey Bitler.
GARDEN STATE VINTAGE STOCK CAR FEATURE:  #17 Weaver, #24 Lauden, #Moo Pitts, #17R Hawk, #2 Smith, #42 Jerry, #1 Skip Smith, #101 Barker, #50 Pullin, #3 Nyce, #00 Berger, #24 Morrell,   #U2 Costa, #49 Desmeyer, #333 Wagner, #12A Meska, #31 Brommer, #5 Holdin, #0 Pagni, #16 Brobst.  DNS #44 Ricky Rutt.
This event concludes the 2010 NAPA Auto Parts Thunder on the Hill Racing Seies at Grandview Speedway.   Plans for the 2011 season are in the works.    Please visit our website over the winter months for updates.  The Staff and Management of Thunder on the Hill extends a sincere thank you to the race fans, competitors and media members for your support in 2010 and we look forward to seeing you in 2011.

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