Date: 10/5/2008 2:13:46 AM

by Ken Kuhlman
FLEMINGTON, NJ – The very significant 30th Anniversary National Old Timers Auto Racing Club Hall of Fame Banquet is set to take place Sunday afternoon, October 19th starting at 2 p.m. Hosting this gala event will be the American Legion Post Banquet Center on Route 31 in Flemington, only a short distance from the historic, long closed Flemington Fair Speedway.
Receiving a just due recognition at this gathering will be the late Johnny Rogers, who back in 1978 organized what is now known as the highly regarded NOTARC. Rogers, am former race driver himself in the 1950s, became a key member of the Flemington racing staff in the 1970s and into the 1980s.
In 78 noted Flemington race promoter Paul Kuhl donated a building at the former Fairgrounds and then allocated space underneath Flemington’s covered grandstand to create a National Auto racing Hall Of Fame Museum that ultimately bore the name of Johnny Rogers.
Out of this idea was formed the National Old Timers Auto Racing Club. For over 20 years this group called the Flemington Fair Speedway home prior to the race track’s closing in 2000. Rogers passed away in 1990 follwing a stroke and a lengthy period of ill health.
Since 1978 over 100 people whose lives are connected to auto racing as either drivers, car owners, racing team members or race officials have been inducted into the National Auto Racing Hall Of Fame. Among this array are Hunterdon County residents Paul Kuhl, Frankie Schneider, Billy Pauch, Bob Pickell and Ken Kuhlman.
On Sunday, October 19th in Flemington Anthony Ferraiuolo, who fielded the famous dark brown and white. No. 73 Modified stock cars for drivers such as Whip Mulligan, Rags Carter, Jackie Evans, Sammy Beavers, Pee Wee Griffin, Gary Balough and his son Anthony IV between 1969 and 1980 will be inducted into the Hall Of Fame.
That day will also have a beautiful done re-creation of one of the famed Ferraiuolo owned race cars sitting in front of the Flemington American Legion for the public to view.
This banquet is already attracting an ‘all-star field" of auto racing personalities including several Indianapolis 500 veteran drivers. Some of the biggest names in Northeastern and national racing circles will be "breaking bread" and telling some priceless racing tales. Included in this array are former Ferraioulo drivers Billy Osmun, Sammy Beavers and Bobby Bottcher. Joining them will be Stan Ploski, Jr., Frankie Schneider, Bob Pickell, Gil Hearne, Freddy Adam, Glenn Fitzcharles, Tommy McAndrew, Larry Dickson, Lynn Paxton, Jimmy Maguire, Joe Hall, Leigh Earnshaw among others.
This affair is open to the public to attend and partake in the dinner. An to view the ceremonies-and,yes, hear those many stories in person. For information, or to order tickets you may contact the NOTARC president Ken Brenn, Sr. at 908-647-1609.

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