John Willman Motorsports is ready for 2 cars 2 nights a week racing season in 2009

Date: 3/19/2009 11:33:42 PM

John Willman Motorsports is ready for 2 cars 2 nights a week racing season in 2009


             John Willman is ready for the 2009 season. “It’s been a long off season,” said Willman, “I finally got my new car and now I’m ready for the 2009 season to start.” The new car is a Bicknell 2009x chassis car to go along with the 2007 car Willman already had.

            The regular season starts on Friday evening April 3rd at Big Diamond Raceway in Minersville Pa. Willman, from Birdsboro Pa, plans to be there. He scored a victory last season on May 23 in Minersville, then continued on and finished the season 10th in track points. “I know my car can win at Big Diamond”, commented Willman, “The competition level at Big D is going to be really tough this year but I beat Pauch, Strunk and Vondohren last year so I know I can win again this year.”
            On Saturday evening Willman plans to return to Grandview Speedway in Bechtelsville Pa. “I feel the standard frame Bicknell race car will be really good at Grandview,” said Willman standing next to the bare frame race car in his Birdsboro Pa shop, “I have three weeks to get the new car put together.” The season opener at Grandview is set for April 4th. “I’ll be ready for Grandview’s practice session on Saturday March 28,”said Willman with a smile as he got back to work. Willman finished 18th in points at Grandview speedway in 2008.
            “Top ten in points at both tracks,” stated Willman “ I know I can do that and with a little luck and maybe a little more sponsorship help I know I’m good enough to do this.”  Sponsors on Willman’s 74W cars include Hampton BrosTruck Repair, Gene Willman Auto Repair, D & D Collision, JC’S Landscaping, Raceplace Hobbies, Cutting Edge Signs & Graphics, and Brian Strausser Construction.
            Willman also receives help from product sponsors Bell and Penske Racing Shocks. “Dave Reedy at Penske has taught me a lot about shocks,” said John, “I rebuild my own shocks and also help other racers to rebuild shocks.” Additionally Willman sells racing fuel and methanol and also sells Brad Penn Oil.  “These little extras really help me to be able to afford racing,” commented Willman, “anything extra I can do to race I want to do.”
            With the 2009 season rapidly approaching John Willman Motorsports is ready to get racing again. If attitude, hard work and confidence make you a finisher….watch me smoke the competition.



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By Daniel Cohen

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