Tobias & Lineman are Heading Back to Syracuse... It's Official.....

Date: 9/29/2009 10:50:53 AM
Official Press Release
Tobias & Lineman are Heading Back to Syracuse... It's Official.....
September 28th: Those of you that have been asking, or wondering, or hoping that they would once again see the outside passing that no other Modified driver seems able to pull off at Syracuse on the "Moody Mile", well, your wait will soon be over. Bob Lineman Sr., and Bob Lineman Jr. have both confirmed that they will be returning to Syracuse this coming October, with Rich "Toby" Tobias as the Driver behind the wheel of their Cenco Heating Oil, USA-1, Big Block Modified.
Per my phone conversation with Bob Jr., he told me that this is a done deal, and that the only way they were ever going back to compete at Syracuse was with Rich doing the driving. "He brings to Syracuse what no other driver can, anyone who has watched Rich passing cars on the outside going through the turns and making it work has left other drivers shaking their heads wondering how he does it", Bob Jr. said. Tobias brings to the table a Super Dirt Big Block Modified Win at Syracuse in 1992, and in 2007 he came up just short by posting a 3rd place finish in the famed event.
The frame is the same Troyer Chassis that Lineman had built especially built for to race at Syracuse only in 2007. " We parted out almost all of the pieces that were on the car during 2008, and in 2009, so basically it was just the frame and body, not even the rear was left. We also sold the Enders Big Block because with the economy in 2008 it just seemed like we wouldn't be going back to Syracuse anytime soon, but Dad wanted to hold onto the chassis just in case", Bob Jr. stated.
The frame has been completely gone over by non other then the boys at Troyer, and is stocked with all new parts, some of which include cooling sponsor help from Art's Radiator, and tire sponsor support from Wall Truck Tire Service which is located in Toms River, NJ. Some Family and friends are also lending support, and the same quality pit crew that serviced Tobias in 2007 will once again be on hand in 2009. Making sure that Tobias has the power to get the job done, once again the call was made to Enders, and a brand new Big Block has been built just for the Syracuse event.
Bob Lineman Sr. said the rules change at Syracuse has also excited him, and Rich because now each driver has to make 2 mandatory pit stops during the race, one being in the first half of the event, and the second in the other half of the event. " That puts the fuel mileage deal that many guys used to play into their hands for years at Syracuse to rest, and now it's going to be a new deal, when to pit, doing so to soon could cost you having no tires left at the end of a run, while going to late could also cost you by getting a flat on the speedway. This is now a deal where the driver and his crew will have to work together, but in the end fuel won't play the deciding factor, the driver will, and how well his crew works on those two mandatory stops will most likely be the key to who pulls off the big win", Lineman stated.
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