Gary Wolford Fish Fry and Silver Spring Reunion

Date: 4/9/2014 9:40:52 PM

Eastern Museum of Motor Racing

Contact: Ken Johnson

For Immediate Release



Gary Wolford Fish Fry and Silver Spring Reunion


            York Springs, PA April 9th, 2014:  The Gary Wolford Fish Fry and Silver Spring Speedway reunion is panning out to be one of the best ever at the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing with a star studed field of drivers lined up for the annual Blindfold race on May 4th. Nine drivers are scheduled to take the green flag around the ˝ mile Latimore Fairgrounds Speedway around 1:00 PM.


Team one will consist of Modified driver Doug Manmiller and Super Late Model driver Andy Haus. They will be joined by “back seat driver” Scott Haus.

Team two will be Silver Spring Speedway hot shoes, Johnny Murphy of Super Sportsman fame and Limited Late Model driver Kenny Riland. Team three will consist of two drivers who may have more than 1,000 feature wins between them. Super Sprint driver, Lance Dewease and Modified driver Gerald Chamberlain. The fourth and final team will consist of current Super Sprint driver, Chad Layton and retired champion Barry Camp. The race will consist of 6 laps with each driver trading places at the halfway point. Past winners include Fred Rahmer,  Bobby Gerhart Jr, and even Gary Wolford.


            Also on the agenda that day will be an auction of racing collectables. Each article will be displayed to the fans in attendance and high bidder will take home anything from a tire off their favorite drivers car to an autographed photo. Former driver Diz Dean will handle the bidding.


            Food is available all day at no charge other than a donation. Fish, French Fries, Hamburgers and Hot Dogs.


            Also the Museum will be open extra hours for fans to file through and see some of the restored race cars from all over the courtry.

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