Race Results from Reading Fair's Nostalgia Nationals on Monday, 8/4/14

Date: 8/5/2014 12:49:12 AM



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Monday, August 4, 2014

Reading Fair's 10th Annual Nostalgia Nationals:


All Star Slingshot National Tour Race, 40 laps: 1.Mike McLaughlin, 2.Simon Egan, 3.Larry Raifsnider, 4.Mark Sensenig, 5.Brett Bieber, 6.Justin Thompson, 7.Greg Zellman, 8.Louden Reimert, 9.Matt Dealaman, 10.John Bockhorn, 11.Demetrious Drellos, 12.Kyle Gruber, 13.Chris Kurtz, 14.Alex Schoffstall, 15.Shannon Smith, 16.Cody Kline, 17.Ryan Quackenbush, 18.Joe Howey, 19.Don Schmidt Jr., 20.Kyle Herve, 21.Joe Bodenschatz, 22.Kurt Bettler, 23.William Mohring, 24.Kassidy Kreitz, 25.Joe Nemeth, 26.Dylan Hoch.


Junior Slingshot National Tour Race, 20 laps: 1.Dillon Steuer, 2.Andrew Kreis, 3.Dylan Swinehart, 4.Chloe Andreas, 5.Bobby Flood, 6.Daniel Morgiewicz, 7.Dakota Kohler, 8.Logan Bauman, 9.Michael Samony, 10.Tyler Peet, 11.Cody Motto, 12.Alex Yankowski, 13.Kyle Smith, 14.Gavin Santee, 15.Daman Paul.



**McLaughlin led all the way in the Nostalgia Nationals for the All Star Slingshots, but fought an ill handling car at the end. He was barely a half-car length in front of Egan at the checkered.

**McLaughlin earned $1,000 for the victory, as well as National, Regional, and Speedweek points. He also picked up the "Early Registration Bonus" of $109. The bonus consisted of 25% of the night's 50/50 drawing, and it was designated for the highest finishing driver who pre-registered for the race. One lucky fan took home half of the 50/50 proceeds ($218) and the remaining 25% went to the Reading Fair's coffers.

**John Bockhorn was the biggest mover of the race, finishing tenth after making the main event on a provisional and starting 25th.

**Dillon Steuer wrestled the lead away from Andrew Kreis with four to go in the Junior National Race, then went on to win handily over Kreis.

**Car counts were high in quality and quantity, as 32 of the All Star Slingshots entered the event and 15 Juniors signed in for competition.


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